Ideas for baby gifts for a baby GIRL?

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Question by Hayden's Mommy, Chase due Nov!: Ideas for baby gifts for a baby GIRL?
Two of my sis-in-laws are due in 3 days (September 4th). For each new baby in the family, we send gifts to the mom/baby when the baby is born. One of my SILs is having a girl. She lives nearby and requested clothing for her gifts, so I got her that. My other SIL lives out-of-state though and hasn't told anyone what she's having. If it's a girl, it will be her 4th girl, and if it's a boy, it'll be her 2nd boy (she currently has 3 girls and 1 boy). I have no idea what she wants/needs. What should I get her if it's a GIRL? Having 3 girls, she already has SO many clothes. I have ideas of what to get her if it's a boy, but I'm LOST if it's a girl! She already has tons of burp clothes, etc. since she has 4 kids already. Any thoughts?!
Also, ideas for things that are easy to package up would be great. I'm going to be mailing this! :o)

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Answer by SUP LOSERS
how about new shoes and socks.?

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6 Responses to Ideas for baby gifts for a baby GIRL?

  1. Cammie says:

    Books always make a great gift.
    Get some classics and a few mouthing books.

  2. Peggy says:

    You could get them the hooded towels with a matching hand mitt shaped like a duck which is gender neutral, also a lot of babies take pacifiers which should be thrown out after a few months so maybe some of those. Maybe a gift card to a spa for mom so she can relax when she gets home or even a box of chocolate covered strawberries sent from edible arrangements delivered to the hospital, this was my favorite gift I received in the hospital.

  3. neeraj says:

    Baby bed sheet with cushions
    child bracelet
    baby shawls
    socks and shoes
    johnson baby set
    rattling toys
    teddy bear or some soft toy
    fancy bottles with cover
    baby comb and brush

  4. AdViSe says:

    i would get her something that she can use weather its a boy or a girl. something unisex. but i would make sure its something that wouldnt really shrink on the baby so fast. something like a set of hoodtowels wash cloths or a gift set of johnsons baby lotion oil shampoo body wash etc….

    you can even get her a baby spa bath thats a unisex color… lol thats also a nice gift. goodluck

  5. ~Aiden's~Mama~06/23/2010~ says:

    diapers, wipes, lotion, body wash, powder. theres all kinda of things you could get. but get a pack of diapers and wipes and that would be a perfect gift. she will definitely use it

  6. Natasha says:

    You can get her a doll or something like a hat (an original piece of clothing) or my fav,.. a blanket

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