InStep Quick N EZ Double Stroller Review

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Review of the above mentioned stroller/trailer for two kids. My kids are 2 and 4, together weight of about 70 lbs. They love this stroller to death, and I love it! Its very easy to put together, run with, walk with, etc. If you need a double stroller for older kids I recommend this BIG TIME!
*I dont know what my son says he talks to much at the first lol*

One warning, it does not fit through doorways! You can turn it on its side if the kids are not in it and it fits though haha I had to do this to put it up! It fits through my front door but after that I had to turn it to take it to our laundry room to store it. It does however come apart to put away, but I run everyday so it's easier to just put away like I did.
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6 Responses to InStep Quick N EZ Double Stroller Review

  1. Gaby Gyrl says:

    Thank you so much for your feedback! Do you have any trouble getting it through doorways?

  2. OspreyWife says:

    It's a pain to get through normal doorways, not going to lie! It fits through our front door barely

  3. AndreaArtificial says:

    I just ordered one from Target for me and my niece and being brainless I didn't check the reviews. So now i'm looking around and seeing what I can find about it and I like what I see about it. Plus the little ones are so cute in it. Can't wait to get mine so I can try it out out. 🙂

  4. bleachell says:

    Could this fit on a bike rack for the car? I have a small 2 door Honda accord with a spoiler on the back and my kids really want to go riding with my husband and I and I am not sure if it will completely fit in the back of the trunk or if I can do the frame on the rack if I rope it together.

  5. OspreyWife says:

    I have a 2 door pontiac sunfire and it fits in my trunk problem, it folds completely flat and you can take all the wheels off and such

  6. TheRedheadRules says:

    how tall are your kids? i'm wanting to get this exact one for my son but he's got long legs so i'm worried he'll be cramped

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