Is it okay for godparents not to give gifts during the wedding of their godchild?

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Question by francis: Is it okay for godparents not to give gifts during the wedding of their godchild?
Eventhough they can give if they want to? Is it considered a sin?

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Answer by PugMom
It's not a sin, but it is pretty cheap.

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8 Responses to Is it okay for godparents not to give gifts during the wedding of their godchild?

  1. Heather says:

    Actually, godparents are there to nurture a child’s religious upbringing which includes giving gifts (small ones are fine) at religious occasions so if the godchild is having a religious wedding, then a godparent should give a gift, does not need to be big or anything, though.

  2. Katie says:

    It is not considered a sin… I’d read the bible for that… but it is expected, and would be disappointing if they didn’t. I would expect it.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Godparents traditionally oversee the religious upbringing of their godchildren, not their financial well-being or their gift needs.

    Like all guests, godparents are not obligated to give wedding gifts at all, and if they do choose to give them, they have (traditionally) up to a year after the wedding date to do so.

  4. Brittani says:

    Tawny G is forgetting godparent implies some sort of closeness. Chances are they ARE a big part of each others life..

  5. tawny g says:

    do you think GOD really gives a damm?!!!….and, by the way, when is the last time you sent your godparents birthday, christmas, or happy anything cards?….do you call them and inquire about their health? do you call them and chat, just for the sake of being friendly and caring? or, are you like most spoiled people and think you are intitled to a gift just because you are their godchild? they probably didn’t have much choice in the matter, either. grow up and stop acting like you are owed something.

  6. Zen says:

    its not a requirement but its poor etiquette to not bring a gift when invited to a wedding(no matter who you are) unless you can’t give a gift for financial reasons. No its not a sin, more like bad manners. At least a card is better than nothing.

  7. lilloric says:

    not a sin but if your going to the wedding it would be impolite not to bring a gift

  8. Nikki M says:

    definately not a sin. lol. In fact, according to ettiquette there is never a requirement for a gift to be given at a wedding. However, it does look REALLY bad if you didn’t give one. Especially if you can. that just looks cheap and like you don’t care at all. Now if you couldn’t afford it and explained that it might be a different story, but if you can it looks AWEFUL and really rude and careless.

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