Just Dance 2015 – Bang Bang – 5* Stars

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Just Dance 2015 – Bang Bang – 5* Stars

  1. Ayylien says:

    I hate how these songs didnt come out in 2015. Why do they name it that??

  2. Raynequa Nelson says:

    they bleeped out back back seat of my car but didn’t bleep out you’ve got a
    very big shh mouth. although none of them are that sexual?

  3. Carolina Rossel says:

    Hi guys l love this game of just dance 2015 keep on making more videos l am
    always entreated by watching your videos ?

  4. White High Heels says:

    This is the only song on the game that actually looks like fun.?

  5. kirsten washington says:

    We did this on the wii yesterday me and my friend?

  6. tructran692 says:

    god damn just dance used to be simple steps for people like me who cant
    dance.. now its for actual experienced dancers. screw you?

  7. fara khan says:

    Hey man love kresy gaen love songs:):D?

  8. AdventureTimeJulia and the best cousin EVER says:

    Sexual dance then they censore booty just what the hell??

  9. pedro pedro antonio caetano calixto says:

    They are lesbians.?

  10. AverageAsianDude says:
  11. Jewel Raiza says:

    What’s wrong with the part “back back seat of my car”? Do they think it’s a
    bad word the badword f*ck? THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE
    They bleep part of the lyrics :(?

  12. Tierney Underwood says:

    When the girl in the mitch-match socks
    Does her solo dance it looks awkward next time my family dances to this I’m
    getting the first girl with the afro type hair.

  13. Sean Meneese says:

    I liked this video it was so good. Right when my brother turned it on I
    started dancing.
    PS I am a girl but and a tom boy.?

  14. Imaan Yazdan says:

    Booty was censored… Not ass or arse but booty… Like saying butt or
    bum… Kids bloody swear these days nd they’re censoring booty……?

  15. Alexander Rodriguez says:

    To the people complaining about the “Backseat of my car” thing: It’s
    talking about sex! What do you think would happen in the backseat of a car
    in a song called Bang Bang? I’m glad they censored that part!
    And to the other people complaining that the song is more sexual than the
    song: STFU! Just Dance can do whatever they want to AND it’s rated E+10!
    So, in yo face!?

  16. ThatKatGuy says:

    it’s ”kitten” so good it’s dripping on wood, not ”kidding”, since
    kitten is a cat/puss*, and why censor back back seat of my car, and not
    bang bang cockin’ it??

  17. Aryan Manas says:

    They basically censored everything?

  18. Arian Searcy says:

    Did they seriously just take our booty -_- and the seat of my car line two?
    what the fuck? and seriously, how are non dancer people going to jump
    around like that on the floor? AND move their hands?? they are totally
    going to fall on their ass. :/ and guess what? that chest shake thing ticks
    me off because guess what? FOR WOMEN WITH BOOBS IT ACTUALLY HURTS TO DO
    THAT. ergh, this makes me mad.?

  19. Lucas LeDain says:

    They really censored back seat of my car and the word wood??

  20. Merriellen Roselette says:

    Just bought this for the wii today. I’ll b honest that the Just Dance
    people didn’t screw up on this one! I was worried it was going to be kind
    of weird like Just Dance 2014 was. But I’m happy with this one! Can’t wait
    to see what they’ll do next year. ^O^?

  21. JelsaFrost STUDIOS says:

    how come ‘back back seat of my car’ is a bad word??

  22. Julie Julliette says:

    they bleep out the least that could mean something sexual, but then they
    make the most sexual dance in just dance history? fuck da system?

  23. CoolVidsFTW says:

    Why the bleep “back back seat of my car”.?

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