Kindle Fire HD7 Kids Edition!

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New 7" Amazon Fire Kids Edition 2015 October/November - Unboxing & walk-through  

Hi all,

This new device is the Amazon Fire Kids Edition 2015 which is the latest device from Amazon to be released specially for kids. It contains kids/children friendly apps, games, videos, books and much more. Its full packed 7" screen and comes with a protective cover with easy grip and handle.

It has parental control on the device as to how much time you want to allow your child to play and what to play/read and when they can do it also, e.g after reading books for 30 mins on a week day.

Great piece of tech for kids from 3 years and up.
Adults can also use it as it contains user profile settings and full Amazon App Store.

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18 Responses to Kindle Fire HD7 Kids Edition!

  1. LC5219 says:

    OK so sorry I re read it they said apps will be erased from the device after the year unless you're subscribed to their program which is bull!?

  2. Harris Bellard III says:

    can you add movies to the device???

  3. Alfonso Alfonsos says:

    hi. mine turns on to chinese. how do I turn back to English??

  4. Alfonso Alfonsos says:

    never mind I got it figured out by luck.?

  5. Rachel Gummerson says:

    Hi, thank-you for this review & after a month of using them, are you still pretty happy with them? I have 3 kids as I need them to work! ??

  6. Rusty Ely says:

    Can you use YouTube on this device??

  7. Caitlyn Cash says:

    You have the Samsung S6! Good for you! And the same notification sound I do. ^-^?

  8. In Harmony says:

    Can we download maincraft game?

  9. Cynthia Lazcano says:

    hi i want to buy one but i want to take it to my niece to mexico can she play the games without wifi??

  10. Linda Naranjo says:

    Hi Alex, I literally just bought mine and got it today.
    I tried to visualise video or anything on the kids side without WIFI…. I was not able – is there any video that I can view without internet access?? I need this … we are travelling to Asia next and I really need something to work without internet. HELP! Merci Beaucoup!!!?

  11. MIDNITE MIKE says:

    does it have Netflix app??

  12. jennifer ramirez says:

    Does anyone know how to unlock screen from fire?

  13. anne mitchem says:

    excellent tutorial!! thank you!?

  14. Alex Nalin (Nimo) says:

    The tablet is now updated with Youtube app for kids as well as a Web browser kids friendly!!?

  15. Stephanie Cortez says:

    Do I have to create an email address for my daughter? when I used my email address, all of my kindles content came up, and now when I turn on my daughter's kindle, all of the children's apps are gone and all of my content is there. I cleared it to factory reset, so I could get all the children's apps back, I hope it works.?

  16. Jamie Nellis says:

    I just got one for my 3 year old. she hasn't seen it yet?

  17. Clarabell creeper Gaming says:

    I am comenting and I will like because u are in the uk?

  18. Britney Wilson says:

    Can I download ABC Mouse??

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