LEGO 2011 Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle Review : LEGO 2521 Review

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through one of these links we will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. – Stephen reviews the 2011 LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle set. It is LEGO set 2521 and comes with 4 minifigs and 645 pieces.
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10 Responses to LEGO 2011 Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle Review : LEGO 2521 Review

  1. Keri Gaudin says:

    what price is it?

  2. Kevin Phan says:

    I wasn't into ninjago in 2012-2013 but i started to like it and i missed this set when it came out :l u said retail is $80.00 now on websites its freakin over $200 u.u ?

  3. Tobey Echols says:

    I would like Jay DX please brick show??

  4. Tyler Barbee says:

    hi my name is gain and can i have the lightning dragon plese ill trad lego sets with you ill give you the new lego ninjago set calld jungie trap for the lightning drgon?

  5. luuk postma says:

    are you on the floor??

  6. leonardo pinheironunes says:

    eu achei o corpo do dragao muito desengonçado prefiro o do kai eo do zane?

  7. SuperSonic_Yoshi says:

    I have this set but it is torn apart and I lost Jay.?

  8. Cheezezilla Gaming says:

    Fire dragon vs lighting dragon because fire temple is better?

  9. usman majoo says:

    Now i wish i could go back to the past so i could get the golden dragon?

  10. Alim Gazgireev says:

    i love the set cause of dragon and the copter sad its now 234 $ ore even more?

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