LEGO Pirates of Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge Review : LEGO 4195

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through one of these links we will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. - Stephen reviews the 2011 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set, Queen Anne's Revenge. This is LEGO 4195 with 1095 piec...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to LEGO Pirates of Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge Review : LEGO 4195

  1. Hege Kristiansen says:

    I have this set

  2. thomas whiteman says:

    it says 9-16 years old

  3. chance bevan says:

    it not a trophy it a voodoo doll

  4. Superericluigi says:

    Where do you get extra cannons?

  5. Hymer300 says:

    It would be nice if the ship had a deck wich covered the cannon room like
    the Imperial Flag Ship have.?

  6. Bluee Starr says:

    it’s not a trophy it’s a youdo doll?

  7. Betty Manning says:

    Most of you guys are jerks and i mean you sam steenbeeke but you know i am
    9 years old.?

  8. Marcohazard says:

    3:34 password for Lego PotC Video Game for unlocking Blackbeard I guess??

  9. ?????? ????? says:


  10. Nicola Boninsegna says:

    Too much expensive now…..?

  11. LEGODino34 says:

    In the movie Angelica’s hat had a feather on it?

  12. James Webb says:

    I agree with blues Starr

  13. Scott Santos says:

    I just found queen Anne’s revenge at Walmart today for 119.97. Some fool
    must have returned it. Box damaged but everything inside perfect and
    sealed. Found an iron man hero factory a month ago for $11 too. You never
    know what you will find at walmart.?

  14. SlushGod says:

    Metalbeards sea cow is 100000000000000 times better. C:?

  15. jussa Boy says:

    i love the cook?

  16. Alvaro E. Obregón Candela says:

    It’s been a while but i just got this set and, you got the wrong Jack
    Sparrow, that one comes with a different minifigure.?

  17. Ryan Vo says:

    these have retired right but pretty cool??

  18. AlutaShade says:

    I love coming here for the commentary @12:18

    “So.. very very… cool… for…. that….”?

  19. Player and Watcher says:

    no its not :() :() :()?

  20. Alex Marcu says:

    9:35 it’s a voodoo doll?

  21. Meher Faisal says:

    I’m only going to get it for blackbeard?

  22. MrJustdimitri says:

    Lol Jack sparrow has a wronk hat peace (ther is normally a hat on its hair)?

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