Madi’s Review on the the Razor E200 Electric Scooter

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Madi's Review on the the Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Madi’s Reviews brings you another quick review. This time on the Razor E200 Electric Scooter. Please click “Like”

Video Rating: / 5

raz0r E200 electric scooter review
Video Rating: / 5

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28 Responses to Madi’s Review on the the Razor E200 Electric Scooter

  1. George Tom says:

    me and my mates have a shared accounts but i think my mates are some nikey high tops

  2. tom westbury says:

    oh my god bit fake still good

  3. Omar Sanchez says:

    I can't even hear a single thing he says edited and take off the fucking music

  4. George Tom says:

    sorry i will take in mind your comment you knob head

  5. George Tom says:

    in what way its a review hes not showing how good he is dickhead

  6. Kanchu Kulkarni says:

    you are misusing the power of razor!!!! and also lose the chubbiness. but good review what type motor do you use

  7. Dylan Clark says:

    its a shitty review

  8. francis lugo says:

    Buu buuuu buuuuuu buuuuuuuuu buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

  9. leon towner says:

    Crap scooter?

  10. jack bumbum says:

    where can i get a plus 5 kit and shit canera take off the music an another thing why shud these teo tits even b aloud to post on yt ?

  11. Jeff Grill says:

    you freaking suck jack bumbum you are a peice of crap?

  12. RobloxPlayerExpert says:


  13. Alvon Bryant says:

    EBay for real you could just went to Walmart and got that for like so much cheaper than you got on eBay and first of all at the beginning of your video it says some I messed up on my stick that is so inappropriate like like whoever uploaded this video is like very stupid or dumb and I never write stuff this long in a video but I really s why inappropriate gosh sound like you from London anyway you probably so cheap you just got it off ebay cheep cheep Impala with used with your ugly little fat self ?

  14. Alvon Bryant says:

    That's why you only got 40 something so scribers come on now you got try and make better videos in this now like for real not getting I'm really hungover about this I messed up on my stick that's just inappropriate but I really don't know what to say but if kids watch this they don't need to watch do you need to make it some type of private video because obviously it's too nasty the song and first of all this are you trying to play some black music I'm black that's better than making music do you know that this video is so stupid?

  15. Bzhang Bezhang says:

    Slow and suck buy a brushless 1500w?

  16. candy sweet says:

    haha! really good review, thanks kids! (might buy one of these and scotter to work)?

  17. MMORAMPAGE says:

    Learn to use a camera retard?

  18. srrtbb says:

    next your next video. turn down the music or leave it off. but thanks for the video.?

  19. Baylen Centeno says:

    You have really bad film and speak the things that people do not want to hear!?

  20. Employinggnu62 says:

    Madi your messing up allot?

  21. Sev7n says:

    This is not the E200 clearly labeled E100 on the scooter.?

  22. Employinggnu62 says:

    Madi. On youtube look up good mythical morning?

  23. Adam R says:

    No more dislikes??

  24. R C says:

    The 2nd time she pressed on the hand brake she rang a bell….. does it really do that? =)

    Nice review Madi!! I'm planning to get an E200 for my 11 year old son.?

  25. Employinggnu62 says:

    Madi. Im starting to edit and post my videos! First edited one is going up today?

  26. Dragonblood2005 says:

    Lol I modded mine to go 150kmph (I'm Canadian)?

  27. tiffany Thompson says:

    talk to the hand?

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