My boyfriend’s sister is having a baby shower. Cute baby girl gift ideas? Help Please! :)?

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Question by staceyxo27: My boyfriend's sister is having a baby shower. Cute baby girl gift ideas? Help Please! :)?
I want it to be unique, preferably homemade, but it doesnt matter. It's a girl, so it should be really cute and girly. I live in a small town, so I dont have many materials to work with, Wal-Mart is about all we got here. I just wanna put something cute together. Help would definetely be appreciated. thanks! 🙂

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Answer by Liam due 1/16/09
Diaper cake:) Definitely homemade

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12 Responses to My boyfriend’s sister is having a baby shower. Cute baby girl gift ideas? Help Please! :)?

  1. diapercakesbybecca says:

    Make a diaper cake. I do this professionally and I think you would TOTALLY be able to make one of these with the right information. I put together a video for youtube and am putting the link below. It shows you how to do it.

    Have fun!

  2. PENELOPE says:

    try this place.

    good luck

  3. anonymous brandy says:

    You can definitely find something special and unique in this article…

    They are all affordable and really cute gift ideas for babies and toddlers. There’s a whole bunch of ideas! 🙂

    I hope this helps!

  4. zdiane says:

    She’ll love you for giving diapers and baby wipes.

    But also add something special that’s not too expensive or time consuming you can get a short strand of white lights and tie on pink fabric that can be used as a decoration at the shower and then hung as a nightlight garland in the baby’s room. There’s directions here.

  5. kiwi Mum says:

    what about one of those frames that come with the moulding clay so you can make a foot print of the baby and frame it. I got one before my daughter was born. It is a pink frame that opens up like a book. On one side I have put a picture of her and the other side is her foot print

  6. Katie X says:

    Please, please go for the mundane daily needs! I got dozens of onsies and blankets from friends trying to surprise me with things not on my registry and I still had to spend hundreds of dollars on bath supplies, towels, burp cloths, DIAPERS, bedding, a swing, binkies, bottles, nipples, a bottle brush, a baby sling, a boppy pillow, boppy slipcovers, a diaper pail…


    Hey, baby slings are coming out in some pretty funky and awesome patterns. Maybe check out hotslings!

  7. rowleypolieolie says:

    well the things i appreciated the most were supplies- not clothes- you always seem to have millions of clothes but bath soap and wash cloths and burp rags are way more important- i also loved that everyone gave me bibs- the cutest present i got was an inflatable tub blown up (the shape of a duck) filled with bath supplies- i was so excited and it looked awesome!

  8. shell says:

    have you thought about a diaper cake. I made one for a friend and she liked it so much they are really easy to assemble. Here is a website that may help
    if not just google diaper cake. You can tie thing on it that she will use like nail clippers, hair brush, pacifiers

  9. Riley&BreasMommy says:

    Every little girl needs a cute Christmas dress. They are on sale now at Walmart. Maybe a Christmas dress, tights, a hair piece and shoes. I think that’d be cute! Also a babies first Christmas ornament and stocking.

  10. smm says:

    how long do you have? if you get big knitting needles you can make a pretty cute blanket fairly quickly. big needles will be easy even for a beginner, and i swear a simple knit purl pattern will be easy and quick. you make it pretty big, and then wash and dry it and it’ll shrink. (make sure you use natural fibers). babies aren’t so big, so the blanket doesn’t have to be huge

  11. dani says:

    diaper cakes are really cute and all those diapers are definitely helpful. you can decorate it however you want, and buy the decorations at walmart. my mother in law made a build a bear with our daughters actual heartbeat in it- we recorded it at the doctor’s office and sent it to her. you can can make photo frames, baby books, photo albums.

  12. malwilhist says:

    I’d get a cute lined wicker basket and fill it with girly stuff–Frilly socks, some pink onesies, a pink rattle, a pink fleece blanket (you could make your own-one of those tie blankets), a pink bottle, some baby head bands, and a cute picture frame.

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