newborn baby gifts?

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Question by Sean D: newborn baby gifts?
whats a good gift i can give my boss whos a guy for his newborn child? its a girl

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Answer by Summer L

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5 Responses to newborn baby gifts?

  1. jaz says:

    Do you work in an office environment? How about a picture frame that has a baby theme or says “Daddy’s Girl” so he can proudly display her picture on his desk? Otherwise any typical baby gift will do.

  2. tnecletic says:

    Disposable diapers are always a great gift and very needed. Usually they will get clothing and such, but the baby will go through a lot of diapers.

  3. RentHead says:

    Baby blankets!

  4. Ontario_Mom says:

    How about a keepsake? Necklace, piggy bank?
    Silver cup (something you can engrave)?
    Laundry basket filled with: an outfit or two, diapers,
    wipes, baby shampoo, body wash, socks, washcloths,
    rattles, nail clippers, thermometer, lotion etc.

    Gift card to have pictures taken ?

  5. Just my thoughts~~right or wrong says:

    ~Get something cute that says Daddy’s girl or something with dad on it.

    ~A cute outfit supporting his favorite sports team. They make all kinds of cute things with sports teams in mind.

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