newborn baby gifts?

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Question by Sean D: newborn baby gifts?
whats a good gift i can give my boss whos a guy for his newborn child? its a girl

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Answer by Summer L

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  1. im a mommy~~! says:

    i would do something with daddys girl or anything pink…one good idea is buy him a picture frame with daddys girl on it…and just write a note if you get a card saying put your first picture holding your brand new baby girl in it… that would be neat..good luck.

  2. Eko M says:

    The best things that we got were meals. A few people even brought a four-course meal including salad and an apple pie. Sounds simple, but don’t underestimate the value of food to exhausted (REALLY exhausted) new parents.

    You could consider an Ergo carrier or a Maya Wrap sling. Even if they have a Bjorn or other carrier, I found it helpful, lifesaving even, to have a couple of options depending on what was going on. (I personally have a sling, a Bjorn and an Ergo and use them all).

    I personally got a little tired of all the pink, princess-type stuff, though I was very thankful for the thoughtful time and generosity of the givers. Some people aren’t into the stereotypical gender roles.

    One thing we got that was really useful and fit for a long time was a sherpa fleece hat and jacket set from Zutano. I was always trying to keep the baby warm. The hat had little ears and was adorable. These clothes are made so that a baby can grow and still fit them a long time. They outlasted all other things newborn clothes we got.

  3. Noah's Mommy says:

    Go buy a super cute pink outfit. Have one of the sales ladies help you pick something out. Put it in a gift bag w/ a baby blanket and a stuffed animal.

  4. jaz says:

    Do you work in an office environment? How about a picture frame that has a baby theme or says “Daddy’s Girl” so he can proudly display her picture on his desk? Otherwise any typical baby gift will do.

  5. tnecletic says:

    Disposable diapers are always a great gift and very needed. Usually they will get clothing and such, but the baby will go through a lot of diapers.

  6. RentHead says:

    Baby blankets!

  7. Ontario_Mom says:

    How about a keepsake? Necklace, piggy bank?
    Silver cup (something you can engrave)?
    Laundry basket filled with: an outfit or two, diapers,
    wipes, baby shampoo, body wash, socks, washcloths,
    rattles, nail clippers, thermometer, lotion etc.

    Gift card to have pictures taken ?

  8. Just my thoughts~~right or wrong says:

    ~Get something cute that says Daddy’s girl or something with dad on it.

    ~A cute outfit supporting his favorite sports team. They make all kinds of cute things with sports teams in mind.

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