Opening & Review Of Belle Princess & Me Doll!

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Opening & Review Of My Belle Princess & Me Doll! I Got Her For My 10th Birthday 🙂 Thx 4 Watching! Pls, Comment, Rate & Subscribe!


Comparing Elsa A Disney Princess & Me Doll To AG McKenna! Come & See The Similarities & Differences In These Two Beautiful 18 Inch Dolls 🙂 Thanks So Much Fo...

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16 Responses to Opening & Review Of Belle Princess & Me Doll!

  1. Charlotte T says:

    Elsa and Anna are in their 20’s

  2. princesstardAND babytardTV says:

    Her hair is Syrian as the AG dolls have nylon?

  3. AGobsesions says:

    How much was the Elsa doll and where did you get her?????

  4. beccaboo3500 :3 says:

    thanks for the comparison! I love both?

  5. BahamianAGDollLovers says:

    she is a beautiful doll….thanks for sharing.?

  6. vixxa says:


  7. enchantedforestdolls says:

    +MomLuvsAGdolls2 Great video and comparison! It seems the AG dolls are
    wider than most 18″ dolls I’ve seen: Journey Girls and Our Generation. It
    would be nice to share clothes with Elsa and Anna, but they’re definitely
    slimmer and taller. Elsa’s eyes are absolutely gorgeous! She’s got those
    sweet, trustworthy Disney eyes. 🙂 McKenna is WOW! I wish I had got her, I
    hear she and Marie Grace are similar though. We don’t have any good thrift
    or resale shops here, so lately I’ve been going to Target and picking up
    Our Generation accessories and clothing because I don’t want to spend a
    lot. lol. Like I said, it sure would be nice if Elsa and Anna’s clothes fit
    AG dolls. I’m considering buying one of those Disney (Elsa and Anna babies)
    for their outfits, and use it for a blouse for my girls. It may need to be
    altered a bit.?

  8. Medf2003 says:

    I agree Elsa’s eyes are unique and very pretty!!! And of course I love
    McKenna. Interesting differences, both are beautiful dolls.?

  9. MomLuvsAGdolls2 says:

    +Charlotte T U R correct in the movie it looks like Elsa is older about 21
    & Anna looks like she might B about 18 🙂 These dolls I’m not sure how old
    they’re suppose 2 B but I would just guess in their teens like Barbie :)?

  10. MomLuvsAGdolls2 says:

    +AGobsesions We got Elsa on sale at ToysRus for less than $40 :)?

  11. InnerstarGirl says:

    Thx, and I love them, 2! 🙂

  12. InnerstarGirl says:

    Cool! They’re beautiful 🙂

  13. Jay Blue says:

    Love Disney and the princesses ! Keep up the magical work and stay magical!

  14. InnerstarGirl says:

    Oh okay 🙂

  15. InnerstarGirl says:

    Cool! 🙂

  16. roger dyar says:

    Now I have around but I not have mermaids from phast and farb

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