Polar Express Lionel O Gauge Train Set Video Review 6-31960 Movie

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Polar Express Lionel O Gauge Train Set Video Review  6-31960 Movie

Polar Express Lionel O Gauge Train Set Video Product Review part # 6-31960 Great train set the rear platform tends to fall off easy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lionel Polar Express O Gauge Remote Set with LionChief Remote and RailSounds #30218 http://www.trainworldonline.com/catalog/lionel-trains/polar-express/all/ ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 Responses to Polar Express Lionel O Gauge Train Set Video Review 6-31960 Movie

  1. Gabrielle W says:

    Hello I am at a lost and trying to fix this exact train. Whenever I place
    the Locomotive on the track it pushes itself backwards. I have no control
    with the remote and it is on the Locomotive that does this when the other
    cars are placed on the track they light up and do not move but when the
    Locomotive is placed on the track it begins to push itself backwards, Can
    anyone help? ?

  2. paul boo says:

    I already bought two trains and both still dont work spent hundreds what is
    Lionels complaint number?? My 5 year old is so sad been waiting so long for
    me to buy it for him and now it doesnt work!!?

  3. Charito Elera says:

    I don’t know i don’t have enough to buy it but he likes the polar express
    with his dad?

  4. auxmike says:

    Wow, that’s impressive! ?

  5. robm1969 says:

    I just got it for my son , I know he will love it when he sees it on
    Christmas !?

  6. geezbratz says:

    Looks like you guys are having a blast! I just bought this set. It says
    there’s a switch on the locomotive to turn the smoke on and off. Mine does
    not have one, does yours? If so, where is it? Thanks!

  7. LichCraft Gaming says:

    Look in the cab, if I’m correct they put it there.

  8. HoboCrossingcom says:


  9. quidz09 says:

    very nice setup thankyou for the upload and can you please tell me how much
    it cost thankyou..

  10. Kkkbusuego kbus says:

    awesome train, if the train is running and if you put your hand on the
    track, will you get electricuted?

  11. HoboCrossingcom says:

    Geeze have no idea. These are my sons trains, most of them he got for his
    birthday.Thanks for watching.

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