Product Review: BlasterPro S2500 from Maya Group (aka Xploderz people)

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FULL REVIEW AT: -FOAMFROMABOVE_BLOGSPOT_COM- Taking a look at the BlasterPro S2500, the manual offering from Maya Group's new 14+ line of things that shoot. ...

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11 Responses to Product Review: BlasterPro S2500 from Maya Group (aka Xploderz people)

  1. Foam From Above - F2A says:

    Word has it these will be sold in Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and other sporting
    goods stores. I haven’t seen them yet (as this was a sample provided to me
    by the Maya Group) so keep your eyes open.

  2. Max Olberg says:

    where can you get this?

  3. randybolhuis1 says:

    you can also put bbs in there it has the same size

  4. MrDonovanjames450 says:

    So is this a bb gun? Or are those projectiles filled with water?

  5. Foam From Above - F2A says:

    It’s not a bb gun. The pellets are water-based, but have a gel consistency.
    The liquid, the color is all self-contained though, meaning it doesn’t
    stain when it breaks apart. You get fragmentation but not a splash. Playing
    with these is closer to shooting projectiles than a water gun. Does that

  6. marioandluigi507 says:

    Were did you it from

  7. TheMostBeastlyGamer says:

    This is not an xploderz gun this actually stings unlike xploderz, you can’t
    even feel when you get hit with the xploderz

  8. Foam From Above - F2A says:

    Right, it’s made by the same company but done very differently. Like I said
    before, did you look at the blog post I made on this? Because I have a pic
    up there after I had myself shot with it from 10′ away.

  9. Foam From Above - F2A says:

    Did you check out the review I posted to the main blog? I discuss how these
    things shoot harder and farther.

  10. leolehero says:

    im deuxieme and je ne suis pas your plus grand fan

  11. Foam From Above - F2A says:

    Huh. This video got 12,000+ views. Thanks everyone! And for the other
    commenter out there, when you can properly structure a sentence then you
    can tell me what I can/can’t do with my own blog and youtube channel 🙂

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