Q&A: Baby toys?

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Question by Desperate Housewife: Baby toys?
Since my baby was born I'm looking at baby toys and thinking of what I should buy him. But I can't help noticing that so many toys seem like they are designed to be 'replacement parents'

You get toys that 'read stories' that light up to 'soothe the child to sleep' and I can't help feeling that that is the mum or dads work! Not some battery operated toy! My husband and I are not rich, but even if we were I'd like to think that the job of reading stories and teaching ABC or numbers are OUR job and our baby will be much happier to have our attention to him rather than buying expensive bits of plastic while we devote our attention elsewhere!

Maybe I'm being old fashioned here, but I can't help thinking that it's MY job to teach my son to read and count and soothe him to sleep.

What are your opinions on this?
thank you

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Answer by Steph
You have a great point. I never thought of it that way.
I agree with you. i don't like those toys anyways, they seem too overwhelming. Talk about ADD

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4 Responses to Q&A: Baby toys?

  1. Cheryl H says:

    Its entirely up to you. My daughter was 15months when she counted to ten and I never taught her and I still dont know how she learnt. I think kids pick up a lot from toys and kids need 100% attention at that age or the devil makes work for idol thumbs!! Get a few toys and do the rest yourself.Buy educational things like music instruments (early learning centre do a great range) building blocks (for motor skills) a few cardboard books and a few cars etc.

    I would be old fashioned in a way too as I dont want my kids to have tv’s etc in their bedroom until they are a lot older.

  2. Sal*UK says:

    They have their place – but not to replace you!! |Stories and songs are great so long as you do it with them as well. Lovely for bedtime, but they need you to interact with them too.

  3. almond1966 says:

    I agree with you about the kinds that read stories and stuff like that. The best toys are usually the traditional ones. Having said that, toy phones have been popular in this house.

  4. pauline s says:

    your right, you are babies best toy, but other toys like you describe are not replacement parents as long as you are there playing with these as well, you can then all interact

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