Q&A: Do some kids never learn how to ride a tricycle?

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Question by Bluebird: Do some kids never learn how to ride a tricycle?
I got a cute radio flyer trike for my daughter who is almost 3 as an Easter present. She got on and hopped off and never wanted anything to do with it. I tried to show her how to pedal but after the one time of getting on and then off of it, she won't even sit on it. I don't know why, she never had a bad experience with it, she never rode it enough to have one. If I ask her if she wants to ride it she always says "No! I don't like it!" She has a little ride on toy you push with your feet that she got for her 1st bday and she still rides it every day, she loves it.

So her 3rd bday is right around the corner and I want to get her another riding toy but this time one she will like. Nothing that has pedals. Should I go with a scooter or one of those little Classic Coup cars? I don't have enough money for a battery operated car.

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Answer by Bettie
its too confusing to her because its something new and she doesnt know how to make it work also she could not have the coordination to pedal the bike i loved my trike but i couldnt ride a regular bike

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  1. Welcome to Holland says:

    If you have any friends who have a younger child, see if they have one of those tricycles with a push thing on the back, so you can push her like a stroller. Maybe that will get her used to it. Also, you could try when she’s a little older, one of those double bikes. We have one of those and it works really well for getting a child ready to pedal on their own.

    We used to have a huge stroller which had a bottom part to put stuff. When my kids got to big for the stroller part, we took the seat off and were just left with the bottom part and the wheels. My kids LOVE it, because they can sit on it and and go down hills kind of like a sled, but it has great suspension too. I don’t know if you can buy such a thing in a store, but if you can, I have never seen a child who came over to my house not fall in love with it.

    My kids also really like wagons. We’ve broken a few of those over the years. Wagons are great for lots of different imaginary games, travelling, and also being pulled by mum when she’s in a good mood. We have one right now that you can take the wheels off in the winter and use it as a sled. There are lots of different kinds of wagons.

    If she already has a car that you push with your feet, she doesn’t need another one I don’t think. Another thing we had once was something called a Plasma Car which you drive with the steering wheel. We loved ours (but it’s not intended for children the ages of mine so we gave it to charity). You could also get a tricycle with a stand on the back so she could ride it as a scooter if she wanted, but then also ride it as a bike. We have a huge one of those, and have had it for 7 years, and my kids are now 11 and 9, and they still use it, so if you’re looking for something that will last a long time, this is a good idea. A scooter could also be a good idea, but she might grow out of it quickly, unless you buy a big one intended for older children.

  2. Mommyof2 says:

    If she loves the thing she already has then why worry? Doesn’t matter the age range of the riding toy, it is just what she likes. Whatever you get her she may not like, so I would not buy her anything else, riding wise, until she plays with the trike some. When she learns to do the trike and enjoy it (and she will one day) then I would get her something else after a while. No big deal, let it be.

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