Q&A: Girls 15th Birthday gift ideas for under $20?

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Question by Lucy Girl: Girls 15th Birthday gift ideas for under ?
It is my two friend's 15th Birthday's soon, and they are having a party so I need to give them a present. I want it to be good though, and not a gift card! I just want some typical girls Birthday present ideas.. thanks 🙂
I'm a girl too you know, I know girls do like to get jewelry not just a gift card, but one of my friends doesn't like jewelry and the other is already getting tons.

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Answer by Jake Blake
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2 Responses to Q&A: Girls 15th Birthday gift ideas for under $20?

  1. Emma says:

    Here are a bunch of “girly” gift ideas by personality, so you can find something that suits here.

    Gift Ideas for Her – http://www.need-gift-idea.com/gift-ideas/gifts-for-her.php

  2. Zampa says:

    A jewelly giftcard (never buy a girl jewellery. They prefer to choose it themselves). Or a giftcard for a another shop if they don’t like jewellery.

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