Q&A: Help with girls 1st birthday present?

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Question by Jami: Help with girls 1st birthday present?
Looking for something for my best friend's daughter's 1st birthday present... Girl (obviously), loves giraffes, her mother's partial to the colors pink & brown, and non-religious. Ideally I'd like a gift basket that incorporates giraffes somehow, for under $ 100. Any ideas or links would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by maddiesmum
http://www.pinktaffydesigns.com/french-chic-pink-brown-wooden-wall-letters-p-3069.html?osCsid=a0e5cb888f97e6af19a6f796884ebf01 pink and brown wooden wall name letters $ 19.99

http://www.beyond-bedding.com/pink-brown-girls-giraffe-print-baby-crib-bedding-set.html $ 89.99 giraffe and pink and brown hey and soo cute 😀

pink and brown giraffe hairbow $ 2

cute brown and pink book holder

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  1. ~~CHLOE~~ RILEY'S MUMMY says:

    i always get books for children’s bday presents as they are educational, fun and last a while (you can get one about a giraffe)

    then maybe a towel/blanket set or a plate/cutlery set with giraffe on it

    search giraffe in baby section on ebay

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