Q&A: How do I build an electric box for my model railroad?

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Question by tom: How do I build an electric box for my model railroad?
I am building a model railroad, and noticed the track plan does not include terminal sections. I am adding them so that I can divide my layout into blocks. I had an idea that I could build those electric boxes often found next the the rails to cover the terminal area. I did not find anything on this on the internet. If you know a website, or have had this idea and built them yourself could you post the webpage or your building instructions. It needs to be in HO Scale.

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Answer by lulu
no clue babe

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  1. Tom S says:

    From your question I think you are referring to “Terminal Strips” as a special piece of track with the power wires attached. Most people solder wires to any piece of track or to the track joiners whenever extra power is need. The wires can be soldered so that they are barely visible, no extra structure is needed to hide the wires. Your track is mounted on some type of board. Just drill a hole in the board for the wires to run through. They will be accessible below the board but invisible above the board.

    Yahoo Answers is not the best place to ask model railroad questions. There are at least 3 Yahoo Groups that I know of working with model railroading in HO scale. I model in N-scale so I don’t know which of these groups would be best. They are all large and seem to be friendly to beginners. I would join at least one of these groups and ask your question there.

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