Q&A: I need some great ideas for 2yr old twin boys birthday gifts?

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Question by I'm bored: I need some great ideas for 2yr old twin boys birthday gifts?
I'm at a lost as to what to get them.... any thoughts?

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Answer by shamonej5
scooters, building blocks, toy cars, books, balls, I'm a twin and was very glad that my parents didn't dress me the same, remember they are individuals! I'm sure you wouldn't do that though

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4 Responses to Q&A: I need some great ideas for 2yr old twin boys birthday gifts?

  1. I <3 my boys says:

    Find something they like individually! Maybe one loves basketballs and the other likes cars.
    Or you could get them a movie that they both could watch together (Baby Einstein is a good choice)
    Books are always fun at age 2!
    Bath toys!
    Cool new sun hats or sunglasses for the summer!

    Hope this gives you some good ideas!

  2. pattylou29 says:

    tub toys are great!! They have come a long way. You can buy crayons for the tub, color changing tablets, foam, their favorite character bubble bath/wash cloths. You can even buy a net that attaches to the wall to keep toys dry to avoid mildew. There are alot of educational tub toys out there as well(blocks, boats, foam animal shapes, foam shapes and numbers) Kids love the bath!! But them each a large bucket (a sand pail would be cute) and fill it up full of bath time fun!!! Good luck.

  3. texas mom says:

    Depends on your budget. Power wheels would be super cool. Or a climber for the back yard. Remote control cars.

  4. sam j says:

    I say depending on where you live, splash pools and an insane amount of rubber duckies. My kids absolutely love that. It is not expensive either, but evey small child loves it. We put our little boy, now 3, in the splash pool last year with about 20 ducks and a couple little boats for him to put the ducks in. Hours of fun followed. If it is still cold where you live, try the tub with it.

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