Q&A: If your son wanted a “girl” toy or if your daughter wanted a “boy” toy would you get it for them?

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Question by lysistrata411: If your son wanted a "girl" toy or if your daughter wanted a "boy" toy would you get it for them?
For example, if your son wanted a baby doll, my little ponies, or barbies would you buy it for him? If your daughter wanted army men, bug houses, transformers, etc, would you buy those for her?

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Answer by bMac
I think I might be a bit "putt off" at first by their request but I would honor it and get the toy for them.

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29 Responses to Q&A: If your son wanted a “girl” toy or if your daughter wanted a “boy” toy would you get it for them?

  1. Jenny says:


  2. Real says:

    Yes, but I wouldn’t make most of their toys or clothing suitable for the other gender. Kids don’t have to fit into a traditional stereotype to be normal and healthy. I wouldn’t dress my son in a pink frilly dress, but I’d definitely get him a cooking set if he wanted it. I wouldn’t dress my daughter in a football uniform, but I’d get her a baseball and bat if she wanted it. Men cook and women play sports. There is nothing cross-gender about that.

  3. bobcatlady2u says:

    I had three boys, than a girl. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have waited to have a girl to buy that play kitchen and stove. I would have bought it for the boys and maybe they would have learned to cook.

  4. sammi says:

    i used to steal my brothers cars and play smash with them

  5. ashley j says:

    i don’t think little ones know the big difference yet. i think that to them, if a toy looks fun then they want it whether it’s for a girl or a boy. i was a huge tom-boy when i was a little girl. i played with guns, built forts, loved he-man, gi joes, and transformers. i turned out ok! (i think)! i’m married and about to have my first children, twins! and i’m sure if i have boy/girl they will play with each other’s toys. i personally wouldn’t mind buying the toy. now my husband on the other hand, he would love it if our little girl asked for boy toys, but if our little boy asked for girl toys, he’d be devstated!

  6. it's me says:

    I wouldn’t discourage a brother and sister in playing with eachother’s toys, but I definitely would not go out and buy my son a barbie. I wouldn’t want to interfere with any imaginative play; however, I think it is important to encourage boys to be boys.

  7. MLH says:

    I tend to buy a variety of things for my daughter — girl toys and boy toys. She loves dolls and she loves action figures like Superman and Batman. I was the very same way, and I use to hate being told I couldn’t play with something because I was a girl.

  8. Chloë says:

    why not? its just a toy.
    i remember playing w/ cars and action figures when i was little, i turned out ok.

    i hope…. ^_^

  9. justagirl says:

    My daughter was always “tomboy” and never did play with barbies or any girl toys. I always just bought her what she wanted….if we would go to Mcdonalds she would ask for the boy toy. I just figured it made her happy, so it couldnt hurt. She even played with only boys at school. She is 10 now and growing out if the whole tomboy thing. She has alot of girl friends and wants to wear pink and act girlie….I hope this helps.

  10. Anna says:

    You bet. My daughter has thomas the tank engine and a tractor!

  11. jadejadeforeternity says:

    No. I would raise my kids to be what God made them. I liked cap guns as a girl, but that was about it. If he liked something too girly-NOOOO-Never

  12. GoldyLox21 says:

    of-course… the reasons these toys are considered masculine or feminine is because we as adults in society have labeled them this way…
    I never played with dolls (unless i was at my grandma’s and had too)… and I would have rather played sports and worked with my bugs and chem sets…
    I’m straight, very smart, and a Yager Girl (so I turned out to be pretty girly and cute) …

    Don’t worry about what everyone says, a toy is a toy… and a kid just needs to be a kid and explore the world through their own eyes…

  13. Ayawi says:

    My son has not shown any interest in baby dolls, but he loves the color pink. He is 2, and most of his dishes, and his blanky are pink. I do not think there is anything wrong with it, but I do try to keep most of the pink stuff at home, if anything just to stop others from commenting on it and making him think there is something wrong.

  14. wheezie says:

    Not only would I, but I did!! My oldest daughter only wanted Tonka trucks,army men, puppets, and loved her ant farm!! By the way- she is now 37 years old, married, mother of 4 , and as feminine as anyone else. She just preferred those kind of toys growing up!! P.S. Just thought of something- she loved to play with those trucks and army men in the dirt and mud, and she has the greenest thumb of anyone I know!! Beautiful yard, garden, and her house is like a jungle-maybe that had something to do with it!! LOL!!

  15. Tara P says:

    I know I’d laugh, and let them get one. It makes them well-rounded. When I was little, I remember wanting teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures (and I wasn’t really into barbies anyway) and it made my parents laugh, and they got them for me. I always thought that boys had cooler things, I wasn’t into frilly girly things (save for .. my little pony, but that was ‘different’)

    My nephew … for some reason loves this one cabbage patch doll that we got for his sister, and carries it around with him everywhere (she thinks it’s ‘scary’ – the doll, so she let him keep it!) it’s cute, and we let him, that is the one toy that calms him down when he is crying for some reason, so.. he plays withthe cabbage patch doll (which was a girl, but he cut the hair making it a boy in his words, oh and he’s 4)

    So absolutely, I’d let them .. after laughing and probably looking at them weird for a minute.

  16. Sunshine says:

    It’s not really that big of a deal. At a daycare center that I used to work at as part of a class, they had a dramatic play area & boys would play with baby dolls all the time. I have both girls & a boy, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re sharing toys anyways. Don’t read much into it. A toy is a toy. 🙂

  17. ladybug says:

    My daughter just turned a year old and she has a couple of cars/ trucks and I dont see a problem with that at all. I remember playing with my brother and playing with his army stuff and having his army men ride around in my barbie car… lol my brother would get so mad! lol
    Nothing wrong with it at all! Let them have fun.

  18. FoxWilliamMulder says:

    Yes, they’re just toys.

  19. OrangePie says:

    i totally would
    kids are kids
    and toys are just toys
    its not ganna make a diffrence

  20. Adrianne R says:

    I wouldn’t buy a doll or something to girlie if he wanted like fake dishes or something like that the yes.

  21. preg_w/_#3 says:

    If my boys insisted, sure. i just usually try to distract them with boy toys and it works everytime (thank you nick jr for making diego! otherwise he would have all dora lol)! I dont see anything wrong with it though. my son plays with my old baby dolls and if we have a girl this time around im sure she will play with cars/legos ect. i did both. i was an only child i had barbies, hot wheels, legos, dolls lol you name it!

  22. Crys says:

    I’m not sure about how I would handle it with a boy but as for the girl why not. Girls nowadays don’t have to worry about being teased for playing with boy toys but thats why I would hesitate to get the girl toy for a boy. They are always subject to teasing by other boys.

  23. tapeface88 says:

    of course. theres nothing wrong with a little boy wanting to play house or a girl wanting to smash cars. it has nothing to do with gender/sexuality. kids are kids!

  24. still waiting says:

    Sure. My daughter wanted to be Diego from the cartoon for Halloween. I had no problem with it. If you tell them no, you’re telling them there’s something wrong with the way they think. Assigning gender roles is tricky with little ones. I try not to make a big deal out of any of that stuff.

  25. blooming chamomile says:

    Yes. My son has a couple dolls. I hope to discourage gender stereotypes if at all possible.

  26. tmda says:

    Definitely, my daughter got a princess outfit for Christmas and my son plays with it all the time. And my daughter constantly plays with his toy trucks.

  27. Jack says:

    That means that they’re gay.

  28. LeeAnn W says:

    my cousin used to play with my little pony and he turned out ok. I guess if my son wanted to play with a girl toy, i would let him

  29. Brandolyn says:

    My son has a baby doll. We have no issues with it at all. In fact, I had 2 older brothers and recall playing with their toys sometimes. It really isn’t a big deal.

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