Q&A: What are some good baby gift ideas?

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Question by drooze: What are some good baby gift ideas?
My bestfriend's gf is having their baby in about 3 weeks. I need some good baby gift ideas (thought about stuffed animal, clothes, etc, but wanted some different ideas as other ppl will be buying these things) Any ideas?

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Answer by ashley m
get em a pack of swaddlers and babywipes.trust me they"LL need it.

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10 Responses to Q&A: What are some good baby gift ideas?

  1. bridalguide says:

    New moms can always use toys or cute gift baskets. There are a lot of good ideas on this website. Photo albums and keepsakes for the new mom are also a really nice idea.


  2. Karen says:

    Batteries, batteries, batteries…all the baby toys need batteries. Everyone hates to spend their own money on that kind of stuff. She may look at you a little odd when she opens it if she is a 1st time mom, but I promise 6 months later she will be thanking you for every time the baby toy stopped working ..she had a new battery on hand…and the kid with thank you also. Very bad when toys don’t work.babies don’t understand why and get very upset.

    Then give the mom a pampering type gift. Massage or nice spa gift. If you need an idea see below.

  3. Terri says:

    Oh there are so many! One that I love is the “Boppy”, you can look it up online. It is a multi-use item! There is also a Boppy Tummy time play pad! Boppy’s are awesome!
    I don’t know how much you are wanting to spend but here are some great items:
    Carters terry hooded bath towel, A good set of bottle like Avent or Dr Browns, A bouncer (these are wonderful also),
    Travel Systems are also awesome gifts, they have the stroller and carseat all in one, very convenient item and time saver for mom!
    A nice picture frame that can be engraved with the babies name and DOB, size and weight.
    A nice personalized piggy bank.

    I think my two favorites would be the Boppy and the bouncer which the bouncers range from $ 15 to probably $ 80! The Boppy’s range in price to depending on where you get them!
    Nope I have 3 fav’s, also a pack n play, they range in price from $ 39.99 to up to $ 300 but I am going to put 2 links here, the first one is just so you can see that it has a bassinet, changing area, then as the baby grows it would sleep in the bottom part. So this is so many gifts in one! The second link will take you to a bunch of diff. pack n plays of all diff prices!


  4. Melissa S says:

    whatever you do, don’t buy stuffed animals. We got tons of clothes, most of them junky and too big/small for the season. If you buy clothes, buy clothes that will fit the baby in the summer or fit in the fall (so, 3-6 month size for the fall; 0-3 month for summer clothes). Include a gift receipt.

    Other ideas: a lovely photo album or a beautiful frame. Or, get one of those “books of firsts” where the parents can record the baby’s first step, first word, etc. I bought one myself but I would have been very touched if someone got us one as a gift.

    Also — books for the baby’s library (ie If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Goodnight Moon, etc). A basket of goodies like some other people mentioned is always nice (diapers, definitely). In addition to the standard fare (diapers, wipes, washcloths, pacifiers) you can include a few baby toys like teething rings, rattles, etc.

  5. kissyh14 says:

    I do agree with the basket with the meds. That is always nice to have on hand as well as diapers. But if you want to get something that is really nice and unique I would get them a gift card to get their first family photo done or pictures of the baby. We all want pictures of our newborn with announcements and Kiddie Kandids may have a special that they can get with a package and free anouncements. http://www.kiddiekandids.com. See if they have one near you. I would have loved that as a gift and to top it off if you want you can get a frame to go with the gift card so that way they will be able to hang up the pictures as well.

    If you don’t want to go that expensive you can get a baby blanket and have the baby’s name embroidered on it with it’s birthday on it.

    Some great ideas with names on them you can check out the website. http://www.personalcreations.com.

  6. milkmakingmama says:

    Mighty-tite seat belt tightener!!! Makes properly installing a car seat or car seat base easy and fast (I do my big car seat in less than three min!) You can find them for 10$ on line. Also a baby sling is something I could not live without!!! I made mine for 10 $ !

  7. babygirl1 says:

    this is what i always give at baby showers: diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, rash cream, baby soap and baby lotion and sometimes a cute blanket or outfit.

  8. Melba says:

    You can never go wrong with diapers and bottles. These are items that you can never have 2 many of. But if you want to go with something more unique there is always the gift for the parents, because they will get lost in the newness of the baby and forget they have needs. So a gift certificate to a spa for mom always goes over well. A 1/2 body massage should be about $ 50.00 or less.

  9. Precious says:

    The nurse at my husband’s workplace got me a basket with an outfit and blanket but the best things inside were all the Infant medicines which were Infant Tylenol, Infant Motrin, and Mylicon Gas Drops. It was so nice to have those items already and not to have to worry about getting those when I did need them. That would be a great gift. Also, a large package of diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream is a greatly appreciated gift.

  10. Rebecca S says:

    How about a diaper genie. Those things are awsome. Or a bottle steamer/sterilizer.

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