Q&A: What are some really good gifts for a one year old baby girl?

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Question by ??? Mommy to Two ???: What are some really good gifts for a one year old baby girl?
Our daughter's first birthday is on April 8. We are planning to get her a Fisher Price Baby Gymnastics Bounce and Ride Zebra, and a Disney Winnie the Pooh Teachin Lights Phone ourselves, but what are some other gifts that her cousins and grandparents, etc. can get for her that are in the $ 20 and under price range?

I am looking for answers from people who have kids in the same age range. What toys do your kids ~REALLY~ love?

She already has an Exersaucer, which she adores, so that one is out...

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by mary m
i have a 8 month girl and having the same problem

movies ( kids movies barney bear in the big house ect )
cds (kids songs)
stuff toys

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15 Responses to Q&A: What are some really good gifts for a one year old baby girl?

  1. babypeasandcarrots.com says:

    My favorite things to give for girls first bdays are tutus! They make such cute outfits for the party. I have some in my store if you are interested.

  2. diapercakesbybecca says:

    My daughter JUST had her 1st birthday a month ago. We asked everyone to get her board books….because she LOVES them. They are inexpensive and this is a great age to start introducing books!! My daughter just loves flipping through the pages and looking at the colorful pictures!!

    Other great gifts are blocks to build towers (alphabet blocks are great…Target sells a huge set of them for around $ 10.00). There is a great learning toy put out by Leap frog called “LuLu The Letter Spinning Spider”….BOTH of my girls have adored this!!

    Other things my daughter enjoys are things she can sort…..blocks (again), links, pop beads (the big plastic ones that pop into each other), and play food (she plays with my 2 year old’s play kitchen and play food way more than my 2 year old does!!)

    Hope, maybe, that helped!!

  3. Kiki says:

    this twilight turtle nightlight is really popular and has very good reviews….it transform a baby’s room into a starry night sky and puts the baby to sleep,

  4. big mamma 85 says:

    Hi! I have a 2 year old and when she turned one we got alot of stuff she wasn’t able to use until now. The best things to get and I’m not 100% sure what they are called, are those fisher-price blocks with animals and shapes inside. They are wonderful. Another great thing is play tunnels. Most are light weight cloth and fold up like sun visors in a cars windshield. If the baby is crawling or walking this would be a great thing for her. Also a TMX Elmo. My daughter loves hers and we got one for my niece who is 13 months and she cant stop laughing at it! Teethers are a good choice too. Shes too young right now to be upset about receiving gifts that are not what we would want. I also remember that my daughter liked the gift wrapping and boxes better than anything else! One final thing is crayola bath tablets. One tablet will turn her bath water into either blue, red or yellow (or use a couple tabs for more colors). The are totally safe and do not stain. They come in cat food sized plastic tubs and can be found at walmart in the bath section for less than $ 4.00. They are great for helping your baby learn colors while having fun! Hope this helps! Good luck and wish her a Happy birthday for me! An Easter baby!

  5. Little*Boots says:

    How about a personalized book? Kids love to hear their name in the storyline. Go to this website http://www.tlc-expressions.com They have lots of titles like Sesame Street, Ballerina Princess, Teddy Bear Land, Mother Goose, Farm Animals, Little Mermaid, Noah’ Ark and so many more. Check it out – they’re very reasonably priced, and make a wonderful

  6. stephanie says:

    My baby is younger than yours but my god daughters are almost two. They loved the leapfrog toys. I bought one of them a catapillar you can see it at http://www.babiesrus.com. It is called counting pall. I also bought a elmo water baby. I got it at walmart for under 20. Also the baby einstein items are a great gift. The videos are under $ 20.00 and babies love to watch them. For great selection and gift ideas check out babysrus.com

  7. uk63 says:

    Both my son and daughter at one year loved those ride on cars that you can also push from the back. Look at Elmo Hide and Seek Activity Ride on for an example of what I’m talking about. At 3 and 2 they still love these toys. My son has the basic ride on toy, no bells and whistles A red and blue and yellow one made by Playskool and my daughter has one with songs and buttons which is now broken, but they both still pllay with it. My son couldn’t even walk when he got his, but he still loved it , it was his favorite gift on his first birthday.

    I think you can find these for 19.99 and up.

  8. chelsea v says:

    things that light up and make a lot of noise and spin or shake or whatever on there own can get extremely annoying for the parents, also they are not very mentally or developmentally stimulating for the child, they’re not a good choice

    But kids that age love to push or pull things, so maybe a lil wagon, or a baby doll with a stroller. One of those dolls that has buckles, buttons, zippers and velcro straps, are good to start teaching how to dress and undress. Play doh is messy at times but that would be good. They have machine washable teddy bears that come with special markers, so she can draw whatever she wants in it the bear goes in with the laundry and comes out a clean slate . Buy her something that makes her think and figure things out

  9. momma2jessa says:

    both of my girls LOVED peek-a-blocks and Roll-a-rounds at this age.

    They are cheap ($ 5-6 for a 6 pack) and fun, and you can never have too many.
    Board books are good too
    Link-a-doo toys are fun (and attach to the stroller)
    Bath toys would also be good.

  10. JordanB says:

    Around 9-10 months my daughter discovered board books. She loved them and still reads them to this day (she just turned 3). So, they are timeless, and since they are gender neutral they are ready to go for when my 4.5 month old son gets old enough. We can’t get too many books. Some board books have flaps that we didn’t pry open for the first time until she was old enough to not rip the flaps off. So eventually the book grows with them and has a whole new set of things to look at. We have gotten a lot of use out of the Fisher Price Little People flap board books. There is so much to look at the she will just sit and study them forever. Also the FP Little People toys (animals, people, zoos, barns, farms, ark, dinosaurs, etc) are for ages 1-5. So, they are years of fun. My daughter got her first ones at 1 and is still getting them now at 3. Finally, any Disney movie that is out of the vault. Even if your baby is not interested in them now you will be glad that you stocked up before they went back in the vault.

  11. kelsey says:

    My kids both loved a ball popper at that age. They hit the button and balls pop out of the top. some of the balls fall into the tray and go back through the popper, while others land on the floor for the child to pickup and put back in the popper. It’s in the price range you’re talking about too. Here is a link to one:

  12. natasha rules the world says:

    get her a doll or memorable gift such as an inexpensive teaset so that when she is older, she can look at it and be reminded of her first birthday. she can also play with it later in her life as well.

  13. annabanana says:

    i got my neice some giant play tunnels… she loves them!

    they have flaps on the ends and come in fun crazy colors!

    plus, they are just like… giant cloth slinkys… they fold together easily for storage. each one is over 6 feet long and pretty cheap.

  14. Jill T says:

    Sometimes people forget about the outdoor items that kids love. How about a picnic table and umbrella? My son is now 2 and still loves his! Also if you have enough room outside Step2 makes a cute little sliding board perfect for a 1 year old and a little water table where they can play boats and have lots of fun when it’s warmer in a few short months. Good Luck!

  15. hrh_gracee says:

    I have 3 children and 2 of my nieces/nephews are at the same age your daughter is… I got the Bee Bop Band musical toy set for them at Target (19.99 on sale – also available on ebay, see below for pic/auction) for their 1st b-days and they LOVE them. Parents Magazine also makes a wooden activity cube in bright colors and a “popabead” animal chain that ALLLLL the kids love to play with. I put links to these 3 items on ebay below, but you can probably find them at Target or any store that carries Parents Magazine stuff… the sets I bought for the boys each came with a free 1 year subscription to Parents magazine, too. Cool stuff! Also, check out Little Tykes brand toys, they usually have neat litttle activity sets for toddlers.

    Good luck

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