Q&A: What are your top 10 Christmas gifts on you wish list?

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Question by SAMMYV: What are your top 10 Christmas gifts on you wish list?
Im in newspaper ad im doing this article thats about top ten christmas gifts. If you could say what you would give to your GF or BF or your mom or your dad or your friends it would help ALOT!!!! ty :]
Oh, and star plzzzzzz.

Best answer:

Answer by Charlie T.
I would give my dad a new snow blower

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3 Responses to Q&A: What are your top 10 Christmas gifts on you wish list?

  1. Sarah says:

    1. Totally an Ipod touch
    2. Laptop- oh wait, I have that already, never mind, but it would make a great gift… =]
    3. A body spray, lotion and shower gel kit from bath and body works- their stuff smells REALLY nice
    4. A pet- cute puppy, big responsibility- I guess it would make a great gift for responsible kids, if their mom thinks they’re responsible at least…
    5. Jewelery, always a great gift for mother, GF, daughter, etc.
    6. Now this is quite pricey, but if u have the money, go for it….. a cruise or vacation {for older ppl maybe- mom and dad}
    7.money- not very thoughtful
    8.gift card- more thoughtful than the money, but some ppl can be just as happy with it as long as u got it for their fave store.
    9.clothes from their fave store- some ideas: H and M, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hollister, Garage etc. – more for young adults
    10. bottle of wine- more for adults and those over 18 years of age- if they are wine drinkers and know how to taste some fine wine!

  2. Allen says:

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  3. Laura says:

    Here’s some ideas:

    Mario Kart Game- Wii
    Clue Board Game: Secrets and Spies
    Nintendo Dsi
    Door Beads
    Amazon Kindle
    Things to decorate your room with
    Comforter for bed
    Photo frames
    Instrument like the guitar
    Straightener, Hair products
    Concert tickets

    Maybe something like Soccer lessons or some sort of sport or instrument ? You can get guitar lessons?

    There’s also this alarm clock called “Clocky” search it on youtube or google. It wakes you jumping out of your bedside table and running around your room until you get him. It’s pretty cool!

    Your probably do have a lot of this stuff, but there’s not much else haha.

    Hope I helped

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