Q&A: What gifts should I give my new godchild on her baptism?

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Question by Muñeca Doll: What gifts should I give my new godchild on her baptism?
My new godchild comes from a hispanic family, very religious and I don't know what certain material things am I expected to give to her on her special day.

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Answer by Silence
a towel

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9 Responses to Q&A: What gifts should I give my new godchild on her baptism?

  1. threeseriesftw says:

    $ 50 savings bond that will mature in 20 years
    Then she’ll be all “Omg I can’t believe he thought about me this long ago. My Godfather/mother really had my best intentions in mind allll this time!”

    Plus by then it’ll be worth like 2 grand

  2. InSmile says:

    Something in gold.. but not gold plated. 14Kt or higher. Usually godparents give a gold chain with a cross. Not sure where you live but if you go to a jewelry store in a Hispanic area they have lots of baby chains. Wal Mart sells cheap ones sometimes. You can also get her a Savings Bond along with the jewelry or a bible. They have cute ones for young girls. If you get a chance to speak to the other godparent maybe you can talk so you both not get the same thing. If the baby had her ears pierced you can get cross earrings and the savings bond. The bonds you pay $ 25 for a $ 50 bond that matures in 13 years I think?… Not sure, you would have to ask. Or you can pay $ 50 for a $ 100 bond. Godmother for my baby bought the christening outfit and a 14 Kt cross with chain. The Godfather also bought a cross with chain 🙂 and gave $ 200 for the babies savings account. Take lots of pictures! Some with you and the baby alone too.

  3. Jenny G says:

    a silver bank with some money or special coins in it.

  4. Amy H says:

    A locket, a nice rosary, a crucifix, a savings bond (unconventional but a good gift), a baptismal frame, a child’s keepsake bible.

  5. Melissa says:

    In my family, the god mother and/or father always buy them a gold necklace with a pendant (usually something religious like a cross) on it. When I was a godmother to my nephew, I started him a trust fund for college and put 200 dollars into it. I also got him a picture frame that has a spot for each month up to 1 yrs old. My sister has filled out the frame and it’s beautiful. They loved the trust fund, and it’s something I have continued to put money into for him.

  6. tocool06 says:

    how about a lil ring

  7. Whitney B says:

    a necklace or braclet with her initials engraved into it.

  8. niesh says:

    A child’s bible or child’s devotion book. A gift certificate to a Christian book store.

  9. A H says:

    a crucifix or a locket obviously she cant wear them now but its a nice keepsake

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