Q&A: What is a good “Baby’s 1st Birthday Gift” for a boy?

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Question by ~B~: What is a good "Baby's 1st Birthday Gift" for a boy?

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Answer by ashley b
well i would have to say that the v smile baby system from v tech is a great gift to give. its fairly inexpensive and it has games to inhance the boys learning you can find them at toys r us walmart and target. or you can get him cloths and or books and or blocks

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13 Responses to Q&A: What is a good “Baby’s 1st Birthday Gift” for a boy?

  1. Centaur says:

    Personalized signs for the child’s room are nice. They are something the child won’t outgrow or break. They have nice ones here: http://www.mysweetandsour.com/ The artist is a mom with two kids.

  2. sali s says:

    I totally agree with Maudsie5. I gave that to my son on his first b-day. He was still crawling but he climbed right on and loved it!! He is 16 months now and still rides it everyday!

  3. Amarie J says:

    Any type of learning toys that plays music and lights up. If baby isnt walking yet…some type of push toy to help baby along with walking.

  4. tc_gamad78 says:

    I would have to say tonka truck toys because it will grow with him because my son loved those and it wasn’t the kind of toy that just sits there in the room all day.

  5. Rose says:

    should be any learning toys for him to familiarize like shapes, ABC’s

  6. Son of Troll says:


    or like the lady said about the popcorn mowers at Kmart for like $ 10.00

    and while we’re talkin old school ; the original Shape O Toy from Tupperware for learning shapes and motor skills

  7. gramma might know says:

    Try a colorful strobe light where the colors move across the ceiling. Babies all love color and movement.

  8. splash says:

    Clothes, onsies, socks, little outfits. Diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and cereal. These are usefull things parents love to get. A bouncer, something like these things.

  9. maudsie57 says:

    When our second grandson turned 1, we gave him this zebra riding toy. I can’t remember the name of it but it is ‘Fisher-Price’ brand. He loves it! It plays music, has a toy in the center of the handles to twirl and he can go in circles on it. It sits on a base and they can just bounce or turn on it. He’s nearly 2 and he still likes it. His brother is nearly 4 and he likes it, too.

  10. Lynk says:

    Cardboard box to crawl through.

  11. Kmott says:

    Anything that lights up and plays music. You have to remember they are learning at this time too so make sure it will stimulate their senses and that alone will keep them entertained.

  12. momrfg2003 says:

    A plush toy or something that makes noise. They have great first cars that he can crawl around with that make noise when he moves them.

  13. TylersMommy<3 says:

    One of those little lawn mower toys that blows bubbles!

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