Q&A: What is etiquette on newborn children gifts?

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Question by Laedus: What is etiquette on newborn children gifts?
If you are close friends, do you buy anything or is a Congratulations card good enough?

She said she isn't comfortable with a baby shower but e-mailed everybody a Target registry.

I'm most likely not buying anything especially from Target but I just wanted to see what you guys think.

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Answer by M
If you're close friends, you buy something. A congrats card would be something you give a distant family member, or a co-worker. You should buy a little something, like a blanket, some onesies, burp cloths, etc. Just buy something that you know will be used.

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5 Responses to Q&A: What is etiquette on newborn children gifts?

  1. Maritime Mummy to 2 Little Imps! says:

    If I originally said I didn’t want a baby shower, I would expect everyone to hold to that and not expect any gifts, and I would hope that if I lost clarity for a moment and sent out such an awful email to everyone completely going against my original wishes, that no one would actually abide by it. I would feel miserably embarrassed for myself.

    To be honest, just a card is even above and beyond…

  2. K says:

    “e-mailed everybody a Target registry”

    I would send enthusiastic and sincere congratulations on the baby on nice stationery and be done with it. You don’t need to (and should not) respond to vulgar overtures like that…

  3. lolabear says:

    there isn’t any -gifts are NEVER mandatory. if you want to give a practical gift, send diapers -size 2 or 3.

  4. Glörïöµ§ ÇhïlïÐög says:

    She didn’t want to have a baby shower, but she was still willing to make a list of gifts she wants? That’s a little annoying in my opinion. You can just get her a card, but if you are close friends a card is a not a very good gift. At least put a gift card in the card.

  5. Pippin says:

    You are never required to buy anyone a present.
    If you feel personally moved to buy her something, do so. If not, a card and/or personal congratulations wll be more than ample.

    (Having said that, anyone who would email all her freinds a Target registry list sounds very greedy and uncouth — she can’t be bothered to attend a party in her honor but she IS hitting up all her friends for presents? — so I’d probably skip the gift and send a card.)

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