Q&A: What should I buy for my friend’s 3 month old baby boy?

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Question by 🙂: What should I buy for my friend's 3 month old baby boy?
I'm seeing my friends 3 month old baby boy for the first time next week, and my mom told me that I should get the baby something. I know nothing about babies or what kind of toys they like at that age. Can someone give me ideas?

I would like it to be a toy or something of that nature.


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Answer by Cookie
Well I was gonna suggest clothing, cause usually that's what they need.
Maybe a cute book, soft or cardboard with lots of colors. If your thinking of a toy, then it should make noise, squeek or rattle, you get the idea. Or a mirror, babies that age love mirrors.

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7 Responses to Q&A: What should I buy for my friend’s 3 month old baby boy?

  1. Ariana says:

    Well it could be a rattle -go to the store and check for the 0-6 mos old toys-but a 3 mos old baby doesnt play with a lot of stuff yet, and probably has all the toys he needs; I’d say your best bet is to get him a cute outfit-for a size 3-6 mos or even 6 mos to be on the safe side.
    You dont need to spend a lot of money…Look at these outfits for under $ 10!!! The mom will love it and it’ll be very practical.





  2. Liz says:

    well the best gift could be a baby teething ring they start teething soon so be best for them to have already and also around that age they like sounds and lights it really gets there attention

  3. jedh says:

    It depends on how much you want to spend. My son LOVED his playmat at that age.. your friend may already have one. See if she is registered anywhere. It’s always a good bet to get clothes as well. I LOVED getting sleepers…it sounds boring but it’s what we use the most. Get bigger sizes too.. like 6-9 or 9-12 mth.

    Books are always a good idea too!

  4. DCR says:

    When my daughter was three months old she liked the stuffed animals that had the crinkly material inside ( like it was a dog so his ears were crinkly ) I think anything bright & colorful that makes noise and they can chew on would probably be the best for a three month old.

    Or clothing or something useful the parents can use for the baby.

  5. :'-( says:

    Money. 3 month olds don’t play with toys.

  6. ? ????y ?? ??by ???xíã Ÿ????í ? says:

    Well just get him some little nice outfits. That’s what I always do. Because the mother surely has bottles, pacifiers and all those basic things.

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