Razor A5 Kick Scooter Video Review

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http://www.nycewheels.com/razor-a5-scooter.html The Razor A5 is one awesome kick scooter. It's not just for kids either, the Razor A5 makes an excellent adul...

After trying the A2, A3, and A5, the A4 is the most solid and smoothest riding, with handlebars that adjust to 35" (from ground; 26" from deck), better welds...
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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38 Responses to Razor A5 Kick Scooter Video Review

  1. Alden W says:

    Hello, I’m considering getting the a5 scooter. Could you make a video
    review of it? Thanks for the great videos.

  2. J Kai says:

    How tall are you? I had a Razor A scooter, but it was too small for me. I’m
    considering getting a Razor A4.

  3. Alden W says:

    Riley, the scooter is made to go up to 220 pounds. I don’t know about you,
    but not to many kids I know weigh even near 200. Because its an ADULT
    scooter. Anyway, it’s also great exercise and good balance practice. And
    it’s fun!

  4. Cyenergy3 says:

    Mine has front shocks wheely bar and polished aluminum rims

  5. hellowhitepeople says:


  6. Michael Doan says:

    Awesome!! I like the reviews.

  7. riley suhoversnik says:

    those are the worst scooter it must be embarrassing thing to se a about 40
    year old riding a little kid scooter grow up and get a moterized scooter or

  8. codey stallard says:

    is this better then the ultra pro?

  9. Rui Farinhó says:

    Hi….I live in Portugal so we have allot of cobble stone side
    walks…..may micro with solid wheels lets every little irregularity
    trough…..should I look for something with just bigger wheels (still
    solid) or with soft wheels like tiers??

  10. noobyn nooby says:

    Is this scooter tall enough for me? I’m 188 cm tall?

  11. Silver says:

    Razor A4 or Pro X. Never heard of the Pro A4 ..?

  12. Rui Farinhó says:

    You dont live in Portugal.?

  13. MrMoneyHelper says:

    Try a Xootr. Mine is great. It’s over ten years old and doing fine.?

  14. NYCeWheels says:

    Similar design, also inspired by Born to Run, but I actually made these
    myself with the help of a close friend who is a shoemaker. His company is
    called Babu Shoes, look it up! -Miles

  15. NYCeWheels says:

    Just blue and red (once we’re back in stock of the latter), but maybe
    sometime in the future… -Miles

  16. MKF30 says:

    My mistake I meant Rockboard Scooter. It’s not as known as the Micro,
    Razors, Kick-Peds, Xooters etc but it’s cool. It has big 200mm urethane
    wheels with rigid nylon spokes that are as big as micro’s, perhaps little
    bigger on a steel frame(they’re not as big as the Kick-Peds) but they’re
    good size I believe. If you type in Rockboard RBX it’ll pop up. Just came
    out few weeks ago but so far as I know only available from ebay and their
    site. Amazon sells the standard models.

  17. NYCeWheels says:

    That was sort of the effect we wanted, funny and laid back. Thanks for

  18. NYCeWheels says:

    Should be perfect, I’m 5’11” and 170 or so, and I wasn’t even close to
    pushing any of the A5’s limits. -Miles

  19. NYCeWheels says:

    Youtube thinks I’m a boss? I’ll take it. -Miles

  20. NYCeWheels says:

    Sounds great, haven’t seen that one in action yet. Does it have big beefy
    wheels like the KickPed?- jack

  21. totalfloat says:

    Scootin along.

  22. shanniecej says:

    I got mine last week. Can wait to ride but are there any adjustments I need
    to make before riding?

  23. Michael norman says:

    I have original one but it dose not have the kick stand, can I trade mine
    in? I only used it once and its been in my closet. Please my videos, I did
    a review of my a5

  24. MKF30 says:

    Hey a great scooter you guys should sell would be the Rocket Scooter. It’s
    literally a 2 in 1 scooter, kick scooter (the larger classic, RBX and
    Accelerator models can hold up 200-220 lbs.) and has a pedal rocking
    mechanism. I’m sure you guys have heard of the Rockboard Scooter! 🙂 Cool

  25. NYCeWheels says:

    Just trying to bring in all the priceless sandal demographic, risky move I
    know…. – Jack

  26. Liela Trinh says:

    Where did you buy that

  27. DJGhost says:

    that song…grandad playing van halen on his keyboard 😉 nice razor

  28. NYCeWheels says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for writing in. We do not have trade-ins actually,
    sorry! Maybe you can sell yours on craigslist? Best of luck to you!

  29. astronaut yolo says:

    the sandals killed the whole video smh

  30. NYCeWheels says:

    Glad you liked it! That is as high as it extends, yes. I’m 5′ 11″, for
    reference. -Miles

  31. NYCeWheels says:

    Hi Liela, we actually sell this scooter at our shop! Just follow the link
    embedded in the video to view the product page and place an order! – jack

  32. June Henix says:

    This is quite a well produced video, marketing is under play.?

  33. Samuel Santaella says:

    I’m an adult who has had this scooter and I loved using this for going
    places up to two miles away. Fantastic. I’ve tried trips about ten miles or
    more (not exactly sure). It’s doable, but it lacks in comfort options like
    suspension so every bump gets to your feet and legs. Along with just
    scooting fast constantly, I got a headache after a good while. lol A bike
    with comfort options might be better. But I put it through its paces and it
    handled it like a boss. Carrying it wasn’t a problem either?

  34. Kobe Bryant says:

    Is it good for doing tricks tho?

  35. Charlie Marley says:

    xootr or razor a5 or micro black scooter?? which ones best for commuting
    and speed!? and comfort is important too but so is durability so how long
    it will last without braking!?

  36. Ron C says:

    Oxelo town 7 wins hands down?

  37. Marisa83Rebornmummy says:

    is it goes really fast? does it goes slow?

  38. Nina Salaam says:

    I don’t like it so much because the wheels look too big. i rather you get a
    razor scooter because the wheels are not big and its better?

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