Razor Electric Scooter E325 Review and Test Drive

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Razor electric scooter e325

Review of Razor E150 Electric Scooter
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25 Responses to Razor Electric Scooter E325 Review and Test Drive

  1. Milad Karimi says:

    yell louder stfu?

  2. JAYKE VE VO says:

    I want a electric scooter soooooo baaaaaaadd ???

  3. Eminem 2004 says:

    I thought u had to be 12 to ride one of theese?

  4. Eliott Barnaby (Dopzii) says:

    Fuck off u retarded kids dont u think we know how a fucking on/off switch works??

  5. Woebegone Kenobi says:

    Where are your parents? ?

  6. Jose Deleon says:

    great video you guys, thanks! I'm buying this for my lil sis and this video was helpful?

  7. T Sandell says:

    I personally watched the video (29 year old mother) because my youngest, whom is 4, wants one and I wanted to see how fast it went. Thank you for making the video :)?

  8. victoriakapshaw says:

    honestly to anyone who's being disrespectful and down right rude to these lovely boys…needs to stop…,take a breath….and release the HATE….I say thank you for sharing your video and I just got one question….Do you take it out for any sweet jumps…lol…great job boys.?

  9. Luke Reason says:

    twats I think I already know about it?

  10. Cristian Ruiz says:

    Fuck you 2 bitches?

  11. rocky Lm says:

    What are those ???

  12. Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

    a little youtube tip is black out license plates scince i may have showed a few in some of my videos and its creepy thinking how someone can figure out what state you live in which mke me feel now like everyone knows where i live, also more important DON'T SHOW HOUSES or black them out because people can see the numbers sometimes and that just makes me want to hide under my sheets?

  13. RobloxPlayerExpert says:

    Same As E300 But 10LBS Less, E300 Can Carry 220LBS?

  14. jimzplace says:

    Thank you for your review. It was useful! However looking at your surroundings………. 
    It does not appear that you have to worry about what people in more "populated" surroundings are concerned about.  I again thank you for your review.?

  15. josh hunter says:

    pimp it out like a real gangsta?

  16. sheilawmerino says:

    Awesome job kiddo! Good vid, having 3 views was excellent: you filming, then you riding, and then from afar. thumps up?

  17. Perry _Smith says:

    Please answer where was this video filmed?

  18. Tam Nguyen says:

    good review.?

  19. Rabih Merched says:

    You are nice?

  20. Radly Badly says:

    You need to wear a helmet.?

  21. Elia Perchine says:

    That's so slow?

  22. edison_1234 says:

    e300 and e325 are the same but named diffrently for other shops. razor stated it?

  23. Vanessa Maxwell says:

    that thing is so frickin slow?

  24. Austin Quon says:

    Hes a sip rep of any electric scooter. First off stop complaining not like you have one and be grateful they even exist when I was a kid there thing called two legs and no cell phones. Second its design ONLY for kids and meant to be slow for their saftey. If you want faster get a EcoReco. Fastest is 25mph but something that good comes with a hefty price of $1000 and that's how much my laptop cost. Third Abby doesn't wear a helmet because its her choice you cant force someone to do something unless its the law. But looking at the area seems this was filmed in Kentucky.?

  25. PatienceL P says:

    It says that the scooter can fold for storage, is that true? And how do you fold it??

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