Razor electric scooters FAQ / how to

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Razor replacement parts (UK only): http://recreationltd.co.uk/shop/replacement-parts/

For more information on the Razor electric scooter range: http://recreationltd.co.uk/razor-electric-scooters/

Razor electric scooters FAQ / how to:

1. Charge the Razor E range scooters
2. Engage the motor
3. Pump up the tyres

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15 Responses to Razor electric scooters FAQ / how to

  1. ChicagoSneakerHead says:

    How do u fix the brake on the E300?

  2. A Vela says:

    Is the e275 chain driven?

  3. HiSuue says:

    e300 is great im 14 and half stone moves me really fast and this is a footpath legal scooter in the UK, not like my evo 1000w scooter im sending back dam why didnt i do legal reserch before i ordered dat :P?

  4. rimbaudart777 says:


  5. Kade Hammons says:

    Hi, so my chain is stuck between my wheel and my gears what should I do to take the wheel off or should I just try to put it back on ?

  6. niko safavi says:

    Wow. Mark Zuckerburg got s new job??

  7. Mishae Pringle says:

    I live in the uk and got my e100 for 130 pounds from argos. ?

  8. zombiespro1 xd says:

    como le hago si la mia  la prendo y le giro la cosita de donde se agarra y no suena?

  9. zombiespro1 xd says:

    no se como?

  10. Charlott Cornejo says:

    Alguen me puede decir como se carga ?

  11. Sevgul Daud says:

    I have e100?

  12. zx gamer says:

    I  have  a  e100  glow?

  13. federico gonzalez says:

    Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

  14. magne simonsen says:

    Hey sir.  I have a e scooter with and 120w 24 volt engine. Same as this you have. I have mounted a third battery up to 36volt. It went fine.  Do you think it can take another battery??  Up to 48 volts??   Help please.. I dont want to skru my regulator..  I have spare engine.?

  15. Heidi Klotz says:

    I'm so excited I'm getting a electric razor scooter e200 but do the tires come aired up?

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