Should I get a present for a birthday boys sister?

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Question by chic587: Should I get a present for a birthday boys sister?
I am going to a birthday party for a boy who is turning 6 and his 3 year old sister will be there. Should I get her a little something?

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Answer by motocrossgal
it would b nice nuttin as good of a present as u get the lil boy but liek even if it is jjust a candy bar its a nice thought

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19 Responses to Should I get a present for a birthday boys sister?

  1. hello kitty says:

    ya you could get her something like to be entertained with at the party so she is not wanting to be doing eveerything your doing for the 7 year old. you could get her some coloring books and crayns or maybe a few picture books to look at.

  2. Bingalee says:

    No, she has to learn she gets hers on her birthday! I’m a mother of 5, grandmother of 9, great grandmother of 3, so i’ve had experience here!

  3. Kris L says:

    Yes, you should get the three year old a ‘little’ gift … even a 99 cent stuffed toy will do, and DO NOT WRAP IT, but just give it to her when you greet her. Three years old is NOT old enough to ‘understand’ why her big brother is ‘getting good stuff’ and she isn’t, and that ‘little gift’ could stave off a temper tantrum or worse … and YOU are a good person for thinking of this ‘little’ girl on her brother’s birthday. Also, when you see them on HER birthday, give him a ‘little something’ (like a Hot Wheel Car) so they’ll BOTH know that you think of ‘both of them’ all the time.

  4. Rachel says:

    yah shes too young, get her a present, she probably wont understand y u would get her bro a present and not her.

  5. roqstarosblue says:

    No.Syke its really up to you

  6. vanessa says:

    and everyone else that is there too

  7. nano says:

    ??? Why? Its not her birthday and she won’t remember you after 2 days anyway.

  8. beautyluv says:

    it’s kind of like spoiling her but if u want to be nice but it’s actually his time to shine

  9. Holly G says:

    No. Then she’ll expect a gift on EVERYONE’S birthday. She has to learn early that she is not the center of the universe and that ALL kids are equally special!

  10. babysisterchrissy says:

    no. at 3 she is old enough to understand that it is his b-day, and not her time for presents. She will get plenty at her b-day as well. If she gets something everytime her brother does she will get spoiled very quickly.

  11. Sexy M says:

    that would be really nice!

  12. Robert G says:

    I don’t think that you should get the 3 year old anything she has to realize that its not her birthday but her brothers. We have to start teaching our kids that its not always about them.

  13. bigsisteramber1 says:

    I am glad you asked.. that is a great idea. At 3 years old they think everything is about them. If you get her a little something (even a dollar store trinket) she will feel less left out and it could keep the party from going to disaster.

  14. jampetpaul says:

    please don’t- you will set a precedent, and others will feel they have to do the same- what if you went to a house like my friends where there are 7 children?? i don’t wan to have to buy that many presents.
    plus it takes away from their ‘special day’ if you include others

  15. Emily W says:

    If you want to. Just give her a little stuffed animal or some candy

  16. QueenKoopa says:

    yeah..just to be nice..but nothing huge…since she is 3

  17. gumie23 says:

    nope, it is his birthday not hers.

  18. wrkey says:

    No. This is he day… not hers.

  19. lil ol me says:

    it would be nice but totally not necessary.

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