steam locomotives only model train layout?

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Question by Kylie: steam locomotives only model train layout?
If you were to build a model train layout,would it be steam only?I personally don't care for diesel locomotives.They don't have all the neat sounds a steamer has.All you hear is a steady drone of a diesel engine.Steam,they have all kinds of chuffs,chugs.I love the sound of a steamer taking off.It starts slow,then as it builds steam,it gets faster.I love steamers,and my layout will only have steam engines.That's the way railroads started,and that's the way they should be.

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Answer by skidderback
Actually I do model. I have chosen the "transition era," so that I may enjoy the best of both worlds. I am modeling the ATSF, SP and Great Northern.

The nice thing is, in modeling the transition era, the scenes are appropriate for later eras as well. I have built one "modern" train comsist from 1976. At 89 cars, 60' 08" long and weighing over 23 lbs, it is the biggest train I operate. 1976 was the year I was promoted so I modeled a typical train of the day...

But, I share your sentiment. Out of about 75 locomotives only 24 or so are diesels.

And, as far as model sound goes, the steamers can't be beat. I love the Tsunami sound modules, especially those effects beyond the usual chuffs, whistles, bell, etc.. Blower, air pump, water doors, injectors, dynamo, air brakes, cylinder cocks, power reverse, etc. Its all there. Very nice.

Broadway Limited engines have nice sound as well. The German made Lok-Sound is supposed to be a nice sounding unit as well. I have two SP AC12's waiting for their Lok-Sound upgrade, as well as an AC4 and an AC5 awaiting Broadway Limited up-grade.

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4 Responses to steam locomotives only model train layout?

  1. colin g says:

    Ummmm cheaper to purchase CDs of Steam engine sounds Your layout will not get the same sound as real engines
    With a CD in your lugs in a darkened room you can dream

  2. peltonwheeler says:

    railways started out as wagonways in the north of England with horses pulling the trucks.I`ve always wanted a model raiway but just haven`t got the space.Discovered Trainz recently, so now I can run trains for miles and miles on a 15inch computer screen.All sorts of engines available ,steam,diesel and electric.4mm scale models are expensive,a Hornby 9F is over £100.Downloaded 9F cost me £3.50 and many more are free.

  3. crimson rambler says:

    I am building a model railway and it’s set in the UK in the 1950s. There were few diesels around at that time and steam was ‘king’, so it’s going to be the same with my layout.

    Happily there are plenty of Heritage Railways where steam locomotives can still be seen in action, some of them are even allowed out on the mainline for special trips from time to time.

    You can’t beat steam for character and atmosphere.

  4. Boomer Wisdom says:

    I always preferred steam engines myself. However, I did have a few diesels, and they could handle nasty track turns better than my prized Pacific. Long runs of drive wheels just don’t turn well, especially with N gauge.

    If I had to do it over again, I’d stick with good old balloon stack 2-3-0 steamers or less, or put in a cool Shay lumber operation.

    Either way, have fun. Steam or diesel is a matter of taste, but it’s all a great hobby. Have a blast and e-mail me if you ever buy a Stephenson replica.

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