Two girls sharing a birthday party- share presents too?

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Question by ????????: Two girls sharing a birthday party- share presents too?
My little sister and her friend are both turning 10 soon. They are sharing a birthday party, which will be art themed, held at the other girl's house. They are inviting the entire class, which is about 15-20 girls total. I was wondering, should the girls attending the party bring two gifts, one for each birthday girl? Or should they just choose one gift? Should the girls share the gift, or divide them up, or what? My sister wants every girl to bring two gifts, but my mom thinks that with the economy, the girls shouldn't have to bring two gifts to one party. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Two girls sharing a birthday party- share presents too?

  1. Liserrrr? says:

    well it would be hard for 2 ten year olds to share one gift. so maybe subjest each just bring a gift addressed to no one, and then divide them between the girls equaly before opening.

  2. Lynn ™ says:

    I say you let them choose.
    Some of the little girl’s won’t be able to even buy one gift.
    In the end, they should probably just divide the gifts, so it’s fair. Just keep a spare in case an odd number shows up.

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