Unique Birthday Gifts?

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Question by Jocelyn Lauren: Unique Birthday Gifts?
I need ideas for a unique birthday gift that I can get for one of my old middle school teachers. This teacher is one of my favorites and she is like the "in school mother" of me and my friend group. She is an amazing person and a huge inspiration to all of us. So, I would love to get her a gift as special as she is. A gift that she will look at one day and remember exactly who gave it to her. Something that's personal.
P.S. I would like to keep the gift at a reasonable price (that a high school-er can afford).

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Answer by Baby Doll
You can just get her smth really original and sentimental that will remind her of you everytime she looks at it: a 100% hand-made painting from your favorite photo together. I've discovered this website that turns photos into beautiful hand-made paintings and the prices are really affordable too. Here's the link: www.paintedsouvenirs.com ..Good luck on finding the right gift!

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3 Responses to Unique Birthday Gifts?

  1. Tiffany Jackson says:

    How about a personalized necklace? Since you said she is like a mother figure, you could get her a “Posh Mommy” necklace! You could engrave it with something on the front like “favorite teacher” or something like that and on the back you could have your name engraved or something like “your 6th grade class 2005” or something so she will always remember!

  2. Ricky says:

    You could make a photo book with photos. Fill it up with pictures from all various memories! It will take a bit of time to put together but will come out really nice and provide a good way to show your teacher that you really care. If you go to http://www.smilebooksonline.com and use coupon code P20SBV you can save 20%

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