Unique birthday gifts?

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Question by Filledw/smiles: Unique birthday gifts?
My best friend for 10 years birthday is coming up and i really want to get her something unique. She likes out of the normal things, not abnormal!, but her style is unique. For the past couple of years i have been breaking the tradition amoung our friends by getting gift cards. I really want to get her something unique! any suggestions?

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Answer by Rainmaker87
Well basically look at the stuff she has so far to get some ideas. I really wish you had put down a few unique things she has, because what you may think is unique may actually be normal to many others. You may try some type of art such as a picture, strange sculpture, etc. You may also try strange "unique" cuisine for her to eat that she has never tried. If all else fails, ask her what her interests are now. That is what I do around Christmas so I have a few good ideas to choose from. I hate getting people stuff they don't/won't use. Just try those and see if they work.

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  1. mistresshuntresskat says:

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  2. ekky says:

    Every birthday means your friend is getting older! So, why don’t you “immortalize” her by getting a really cool-looking portrait made from her best photo? Just send the photo(s) to the professional and creative artists at http://www.paintyourlife.com and they will make very unique and classical-looking portraits or paintings out of them! You can send them instructions to send the portrait directly to her – with a personalized message from you! The same company also makes wonderful photo prints on canvas in various designs. Visit http://www.photo-print-on-canvas.com

  3. birthday girl says:

    You can give her a personalized book that is all about her. Make her the star of a book. Just select your favorite book and co-author it by providing the names, features and places to personalize it.

    Or you and your friends can make her a Life on a record, gift that saves stories, memories, and well-wishes onto a keepsake CD. It’s a gift that tells your loved ones how much they are appreciated by letting people express emotion, thoughts, and feelings.

  4. JustMe says:

    My wife’s best friend recently sent her a personalized Frameagram from http://www.frameagram.com with a picture of them together. She was quite happy and I thought that was pretty unique. Good luck.

  5. Annegelica says:

    Give her something yuh made with yur heart. she will love it!1 hope i helped!!

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