What are good birthday gifts for my 11 turning 12 year old daughter?

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Question by Cassie J: What are good birthday gifts for my 11 turning 12 year old daughter?
My daughter is turning 12 years old this year and for her birthday I want to get her something she will l finally like! Any ideas?

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Answer by dogloverrjp
Well, if she's a girly-girl, she might like girly things such as make-up, but not like the barbie makeup kits, maybe just eyeshadow or something from claires? she might like nail polish, or accesories.
If she's a electronic junky, maybe get or CDs or itunes giftcard or something.
for my 12th birthday, I wanted a guinea-pig. (: but, Im pretty girly so i asked for Victorias Secret body sprays and lotions, i asked for makeup (from covergirl and stuff, nothing expensive,), clothes, necklaces and earrings, and i asked for storage space to store my makeup(:
-i hope i helped!

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5 Responses to What are good birthday gifts for my 11 turning 12 year old daughter?

  1. Fiyi says:

    The latest i-pod. Nobody hate musics.
    Or u can always ask her friends what will she wants for birthday cuz sometimes teens (girls grown up faster than boys, emotionally) are more open to their friends than to their parents. Or perhaps she already gave u a hint on what she wants 4 birthday, u’d just hadn’t noticed.

  2. Applecrumble says:

    Depends what kinda girl she is
    maybe like a lip gloss and eye shaddow pallet Or books Or nail polish Or jewellery and hair stuff Or clothes Or bags Or Cd’s Or posters

  3. missLEOx says:

    some ideas:

    -the new ipod nano in her favorite colour
    -a samsung touch (cell phone)
    -a mac book
    -a digital camera (in her favorite colour)
    -3 tickets (one for u, one for her, and one for a friend of hers) to a concert by her favorite band/singer

  4. mylifeisaverage says:

    It depends on what she likes. If you don’t care if it’s a surprise, you can always just take her shopping and let her get what she wants.

    Otherwise, you can try clothes, nial polish, lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, movies, CD’s. Maybe you can take her to a concert.

  5. Brittany R says:

    It depends on what kind of girl she is. If she is girly (like to wear girly colors such as pink or purple) try earings if her ears are pierced or make up like lip gloss. Treat her like she is growing up she is almost a teenager. If she is sporty try things in the sports she likes.

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