What are good gifts for girls who are 16-17?

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Question by Justin: What are good gifts for girls who are 16-17?
These girls are like my little sisters, trying not to be too intimate.

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Answer by Jody Trinchieri
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3 Responses to What are good gifts for girls who are 16-17?

  1. Liue Dcjhi says:

    maybe you can get her a backpack , it’s really useful ,and don’t intimate at all . i just got this one to my sister , you can take a look and hope this could help .


  2. Nicole says:

    a gift card or something for somewhere they like to shop would be good. i’d appreciate that. its not intimate as long as its not victorias secret lol.

  3. Joe says:

    a gift from the heart.. doesn’t have to be expensive.. As long as it’s a gift from the heart, i’m sure they’ll appreciate it.. 🙂

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