what are popular birthday gifts for teens?

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Question by june k: what are popular birthday gifts for teens?

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Answer by Jinx
I learned, gift cards and cash.

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11 Responses to what are popular birthday gifts for teens?

  1. Dandy_Lyons says:

    Gift Cards, $ $ $ $ $ $ ,memberships,movies,cd’s,cool shoes……..

  2. Ms. Taurus says:

    Bible and socks, they will be thrilled.

    Seriously…gift card to a place that sells music…

  3. Superstar5595 says:

    lip gloss, eye shadow

  4. ¡Superdork!© says:

    RAZR phones and iPods. That’s all they want besides laptops.

  5. Jesus Freak says:

    pretty much anything with the lower case “i” in the front. not to mention cash

  6. ?Sing like no 1s listening? says:

    Cash and if they are around 16,17,18 a car.

  7. Yay me!!!! says:

    Mp3 players, I-pods, clothes, cell phones,etc. Or you could get the Chocolate phone by LG. That combines both an mp3 player and a cell phone!

  8. huffalomp_1 says:

    some popular gifts are rock cd’s

  9. mama says:

    i pods, digital cameras, gift certificates for the mall or movies or food

  10. Spades Of Columbia says:


  11. theburntfruitloop says:

    iTunes gift cards
    gift certificates to clothing stores
    Jewelry for girls

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