what are some gift ideas for a 12 yr old boy?

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Question by TaraSquad: what are some gift ideas for a 12 yr old boy?
I need to find a gift for my brother (i just met him and my two other brothers otherwise i would know)
He is 12 he likes sports mainly baseball and other 12 year old boy type things. Plus the gift has to be under $ 10. honestly i have no idea what boys like.

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Answer by Hamayun
video games

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7 Responses to what are some gift ideas for a 12 yr old boy?

  1. ^^CoDy^^ says:

    She said under $ 10 lol
    just get him like some baseball cards or
    take him to like a batting cage or somthing fun

  2. soc says:

    you buy a picture of his most favorite baseball player for wall decor.

  3. Fanfic says:

    Eh, I think wallets? From a store that your brother likes? Like, last year, a lot of guys had wallets from this one store that is really popular called American Eagle. Because it’s about time they start using wallets at that age.

  4. awommack says:


  5. Awsumgrl says:

    they probably like wii and DSI. but they’re exspensive

  6. bob says:

    anything that is and always will be an older woman

  7. Thuan says:

    Get him some baseball cards, or one of those gift related baseball, soccer, etc toys in 7-11. They have those Seattle Mariners trading cards, and collectibles.

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