What are the best stocking stuffers for 4+ month old baby girl?

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Question by mommy of an angel: What are the best stocking stuffers for 4+ month old baby girl?
I am a new parent and was just wondering what the best stocking stuffers and gifts would be for a 4 month old baby girl. She is a little over 3 months right now and is ahead in her mental and physical development. She already has the jumperoo, a nice swing and the bright starts playmat. She also has some hand toys. She loves colors and anything that she can look at, hold and put in her mouth 🙂 She loves to "talk" and "stand".

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Teething rings and rattles. remember, she's just a baby, and she isn't going to have a clue what "christmas" is...don't go overboard. 🙂

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8 Responses to What are the best stocking stuffers for 4+ month old baby girl?

  1. stellar_kitty426 says:

    well for st. nick there were new nuks and a baby’s first x-mas ornament. you could put a fake cell phone in there or a funky chew toy.

  2. ohnein_ohsicks says:

    finger puppets, small rattlers to occupy her.

    at 4 months of age, the whole Christmas thing is really for you, not so much her. She won’t understand the whole idea of opening presents, etc. So honestly, anything that you could see yourself playing with with her. 🙂

  3. bl says:

    For the stocking I would recommend some bibs, socks, maybe a hairbow.
    Also, some nice soft blocks, rattle, puppet, new soother or bottle.
    As far as the toys go, you can’t go wrong with the stacking rings, until they learn how to stack them, they will chew on them!
    Perhaps a sled, so you can pull her through the snow, or there are lots of great educational dvds from baby einstein!
    Best of luck and congrats!

  4. Tracy B says:

    SAVE your money dont’ get to crazy you’ll have a ton more xmas’s to spoil her!

    teethers, bigger bottles if you don’t have them,

  5. Jaime W says:

    My daughter honestly doesn’t play with much and she is 5 mths old. Rattles and teethers galore is what she plays with oh and anything that makes music or has bright shiny colors. Here is a link with a few cute things you might like.


  6. CP says:

    my kids loved those see through balls and blocks that make noises. i think fisher price makes them.

  7. Elouise says:

    My daughter will be 6 months at Christmas, and for her stocking, I bought some cute socks, cloth books, a rubber ducky (for when she starts using the big tub), and some teething toys. I’ll probably throw in a couple of rattles and some “carseat toys”.

  8. 20 weeks w/#3 A BOY!!! says:

    get some rattles for her. just some developmental toys. too much devolpment is never enough! try and get a few bottles too. just some things with different brightly colored toys, toys that make some music. just a few small tinkertoys.

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