What are YOUR pets getting this Christmas and do they have stockings?

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Question by Meow: What are YOUR pets getting this Christmas and do they have stockings?
I usually head to the pet stores a day or two before Christmas. Last year I ended up snowed in and my pets had to settle for toys I could walk over and buy at the local Safeway.

This year I've been doing holiday photoshoots at several local pet stores and since they gave me an employee discount I picked up the "Fling-a-ma-string" for my cats at 40% off. My dog got a large plush gingerbread man squeaky that makes that strange deep moose-in-heat kinda sound LOL

I'm still gonna head out one day this week for gifts for my ferrets and stocking stuffers. Makes me feel like I have "kids" - though not the annoying skin ones LOL And yes - the stockings are all hung by the chimney with care http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2301740950046652437AEukwH
A litterbox, John? I'm sure it's nice but that's like giving someone a toilet for Christmas LOL The woodstove's nice but my house needs some serious insulation. Very old and VERY drafty!

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Answer by Georgia Kat
Of course my babies have stockings. The cats usually get new mice since the other ones will have been eaten by now. Also some fresh catnip. But they mostly like to play with the wrapping paper and ribbons from other's presents.

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9 Responses to What are YOUR pets getting this Christmas and do they have stockings?

  1. Adri says:

    Fuery has not one, but 2 stockings…which we usually fill with kitty treats.
    And i always get him a little christmas toy…

  2. jenny,kittylover v lost n icon says:

    well i dont no abt xmas but fr new year im gonna get my sweet 2 boys fancy collars n toys n lots of treats
    jenny xxx

  3. Ace Ventura: Pet Photographerâ„¢ says:

    We usually get them a bag full of toys from the store, we don’t have a stocking for them, but the bag we buy the toys in is shaped like a stocking.

  4. JuJuB says:

    Of course I give my kitty a stocking! He’s like a furry kid. And, I am getting him treats, kitty toys, and a kitty hat!

  5. john says:

    Of course.I have two stockings hanging in my apartment.Wow.A wood burning stove.How comfortable looking.The joys of living in the north.

    Yes,my six are getting a larger litterbox as a gift.I also may get them a fleece blanket as Pet Smart’s are on sale for 50% off.

  6. Erica says:

    i have 3 cats and dog and a ferret, all have a stocking, all have gifts too bad i couldnt wait and gave them their gifts.. its a first christmas for everyone but the dog. i got a whole bunch of jungle equipment. for the cats and ferrets. such as a cat tree a bunch of beds tunnels, place to hide etc.. they got at least 30 treats a ton of toys. The dog got a new bone and like 5 new babies. oh what a good christmas!!!

  7. Nora says:

    my dog is getting a toy bone, bedroom slippers to keep her paws warm, an elf outfit, a t shirt and red and green hair bows.

  8. McZero says:

    We got our kittens some cat chocolate. They didn’t like it. They love their new scratching post though! (:

  9. Lauren says:

    Me and my mom always end up getting something for our dogs, this year we are getting them 2 outfits each and they are pretty cute, we have 2 dogs by the way. Plus in the stocking we usually put either a new toy, bag of treats, or a doggy bone.. I love my two dogs..

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