What baby gifts would you want to receive most?

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Question by Boycott Hollywd Commies: What baby gifts would you want to receive most?
Seems like the gifts are all repetitive and I want to give something that is different.

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Answer by pplz1st
I think that blankets or good sturdy cloth diapers can be the best of all, and maybe dreft laundry soap, otr rattle and baby brush set

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18 Responses to What baby gifts would you want to receive most?

  1. Mrs. Jent says:

    Hi. as a two time in a row mommy, no one ever got me a massage or a pedicure… that would be so nice to have if i could get someone to watch my child of course… people never think of pampering the mommy at her shower as a gift.. even some avon foot soaks, something minty… just anything for her to chill out for a while… 🙂

  2. kuelker5@sbcglobal.net says:

    You can’t really go wrong with adorable baby outfits. Other than that it is up to what the parents need. Add something for the new mother, too. A trip to a local spa or nail salon. Something that would relax her after having to deliver a baby.

  3. Juliu C says:


  4. Donna L says:

    Pick something from the registry, my favorites were from my registry! The way to have it be remembered is to be a special item that gets used allot, like a diaper bag, a stroller, high chair, or other big ticket item. A good rememberable gift is to get the bathtub and fill it with bath time goodies, toys and necessities.

  5. wyethsmomny says:

    You can write a check good for deposit into a 529a account, which would obligate the parents to open one if they haven’t already (it’s free to open). A 529a is a college savings fund, so your gift could be worth a katrillion times more when their child is ready to go to college. And considering everyone else is worrying about diapers and bibs, it’s definitely a gift that no one else will give, and is thoughtful too.

  6. Kanakalele says:

    Diapers. LOTS and LOTS of diapers! If the momma is not going to breastfeed, then formula…but remember to give a gift reciept ALWAYS with any gift.

    These are the single most unfun gifts to give, and get, but they are the most nessasary….Oh and baby wipes….get the kind that are alcohol free!

    Contured changing table pad.
    Classical music CD
    Lullaby songs CD
    Children’s Books

    I came away at my first baby shower with 4 comforter crib sets, and more blankets than my baby could use in a lifetime. The best gifts were the group gifts: electric baby swing, with adapter, a carseat/stroller combo and a pack-n-play playpen.
    Other very good gifts were wads of cash! Some distant relatives bought savings bonds.

  7. Christine W says:

    The one thing that I always appreciated as a new mom was diapers you can never get enough of those.

  8. t b says:

    daipers daiper and more diapers you cant have too many

  9. dreamy_eyed_sweetie says:

    I *love* it when people actually look at my registry and buy something from it. Because then they are giving a gift that I will actually use, something I picked out, something I really liked and really feel the baby needs. Other than that, if you’re looking for something different, if the parents have a definite name picked out, something personalized with the baby’s name would be great (just make sure you get the spelling right!). Something else I love receiving is a bunch of nice baby blankets… not the thin small flannel squares, but the bigger, thicker blankets that are fleece. A gift basket full of different blankets would be great! Good luck finding the perfect gift!

  10. Krissy A says:

    I have a Bumbo and it is great!! Also a tummy time mat or baby sign language. Everyone gets newborn outfits that fit for a month and a half so maybe try 6-9 month outfits if you know the gender.

  11. katy says:

    this may sound really bad or not personal enough but…money would probably be best…with clothes, bottles, DIAPERS, and so many other much needed things for a baby that the money could be used for. so it would be a good idea…or you could get a really nice high chair, or even a nice stroller. it all depends.

  12. Dani says:

    I would go for some other sort of help then….
    Ive had 5 babies and although Ive never had a baby shower, Ive been given a lot of gifts afterwards, some that Ive used, some I havent.

    It would depend on how well you know the mum. If she is family or a close friend I would make some cool Certificates.
    something along the lines of

    *this certificate entitles the bearer to – (make up your own hours etc) – Free house cleaning or – Babysitting (must be used before baby turns 18 years old) lol. or something along those lines.

    I for one, wouldve much prefered just to have someone to talk to, as so many people think “I dont want to bother them with their new baby” when infact with my first baby, I was incredibly lonely and had hardly any visitors.

    Good on you for thinking outside the square.

  13. lgirl says:

    You could put together a gift basket w/diapers, baby shampoo, baby soap, lotion, q-tips, blanket, bibs, burping pads, baby wipes, pacifier, pacifier clip to attach to baby’s clothes, baby socks, etc.

  14. ejd8206 says:

    Well I wouldn’t worry so much about giving something different–give something practical! Babies cost so much money! Diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, little onesies and one piece outfits (babies have to be changed several times a day!) I’m sure anything you give will be appreciated.

  15. Kate 1984 says:

    My dad always used to say buy any one having a baby a Baby Manicure Set or my idea Baby Book so you can remeber all the little things like first smile, sat up etc

  16. Kel B says:

    Lots of diapers and gift cards. It would be nice to have gift cards for the necessities we didn’t get during our shower. As far as something different…. Rechargable batteries and charger. Best gift we got!

  17. omgithinkiknow says:

    diaper geanie

  18. Melissa M says:

    you can never get enough bids, diapers and clothes for when they are older.

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