What is a good christening gift for a baby boy?

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Question by kristinaanneblack: What is a good christening gift for a baby boy?
Any suggestions? I've thought about the Precious Moments figurines and that's my last resort but I feel like I can find something better and not so generic as a lot of other things out there.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Answer by Trini_^
Go to a catholic store. You can find all kinds of gifts. I would suggest a religious story book.
Maybe you can find something here:


I ordered from this place. Prices are cheap, but they shipping is free and slow. So order early if you decide to.

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4 Responses to What is a good christening gift for a baby boy?

  1. berrel says:

    My son was given a little cross pin to wear on his bapitsm that is actually a tie pin. It’s silver and small and very cute. I think with a little research you can get one at a jewelry store.
    Books with a religious/spiritual theme are also nice.

  2. Barbara B says:

    Figurines only collect dust – a book can be read and re-read.

    How about a book of childrens bible stories?

  3. soprano440 says:

    I agree with Shannon, something silver. Maybe a piggy bank that they can keep and use when they are older. You can get it engraved so it is personalized.

  4. Shannon says:

    I think a gift of baby silver is appropriate for the occasion – this can include a rattle, a spoon, a cross, etc. Just make sure it is real sterling silver and not silver-plate. It is an elegant and timeless gift.

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