What is a good godparent present for a christening?

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Question by jd: What is a good godparent present for a christening?
Have some ideas but was trying to different ideas for godmother/father gifts to give on the actual christening day.

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Answer by sarah
There are a few cute godparents gifts that you can give!

If you want to give them a religious gift, you could give them a beautiful bible and write a note on the inside about how special it is to be a godparent --> this is a keepsake they can have for the rest of their life!

You could give them a savings bond that they could cash in when they are older.

If it is a girl, you can buy her a cross or an angel necklace to wear when she is old enough.

You could buy them a frame and get in engraved, and have a picture of you and the baby at the baptism.

I think all of these are really special, sentimental gifts that will be treasured by both the child and parents 🙂

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5 Responses to What is a good godparent present for a christening?

  1. frogysue says:

    If you want a religious gift, I enjoyed getting a ceramic cross to hang over the crib with the verse “for thee I have prayed” inscribed on it. I also enjoyed getting a bible that was a board book! We already had a toddler bible, but on with very very basic stories that they can handle themselves is even better. It can also tie in with perhaps presenting a teen or study bible down the road at their confirmation. It is also fairly common in the Catholic tradition to give a rosary or a religious charm for the parent to keep for the child until they are older.

    EDIT: Like most the posters, I did perhaps miss the fine nuances of the question – _for_ the godparent? That is a sweet and pretty unusual idea. A framed picture of the christening picture is a nice idea – also for a godmother, if the baby is a girl, buying her and the child some matching piece of simple jewelery or cross. A figurine or print of a guardian angel might also be nice – the message being, you are now my child’s guardian angel.

  2. Elizabeth; Elliott's Mommy says:

    hehe I just answered this question like 5 minutes ago.

    My suggestion was Baby’s First Bible; thats what I am getting my son for his dedication.

    Good luck!

  3. piglet says:

    You mean for the god parent right? (not from the god parent to the god child???)

    If yes then maybe a nice picture of them with the god child nicely framed

    or perhaps something engraved from the child with the date of christening etc on it

    maybe something silver as silver is often related to christenings

    or perhaps soemthing like a tree to plant in the garden to remeber the child by

    hope this helps


  4. Britney says:

    my baby’s godparents bought her the outfit she was wearing when she got dedicated and they also got her a savings bond.

  5. LukesMom says:

    My sister (Godmother) bought my son a Baby Bible book. It was from Borders and really cute. She also got him a Children’s Wooden Cross engraved with his name from http://www.personalcreations.com. I love both gifts alot!

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