What is an appropriate gift for a Baby Naming?

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Question by dana: What is an appropriate gift for a Baby Naming?
I have one fairly close Jewish friend. She just had a baby and she invited me to her Baby Naming. I was thinking about going but I have no clue what to wear or what to get her. Its a girl of course, so what should I wear and get for the baby?

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Answer by Santana P

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3 Responses to What is an appropriate gift for a Baby Naming?

  1. ? Ebony's Mum ? says:

    Is that a christening?
    Silver..anything…like a neclae, bracelet, money box, ornament.

  2. Deanna says:

    Well, if I was you I would call up some other woman that was going and ask what she was wearing and getting. Though the present could probably be anything for the baby. Maybe even some Bath and Body Works thing for her. I think just dressing how you would to a shower would suffice.

  3. belladonna112 says:

    Dress for a church event and Cash is always good.
    Or a donation to a charity in the Name of the child.

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