What r good Christening gifts for girls?

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Question by Re Re: What r good Christening gifts for girls?

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Answer by racer 51
a cross for the wall or one on a chain. bibles,medals,plaques. check your local religious store. they can help. when all else fails, savings bonds are a great gift.

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2 Responses to What r good Christening gifts for girls?

  1. THE MRS! says:

    if u are the god parent they usually get a cross, a ring or earrings. anyone else just usually gives money or bonds.

  2. kimm1986 says:

    We just had my daugher’s last month. My unlce got her a angel blanket with her name and the date put on it. It was very cute and its something she can use for a long time.

    Savings bonds are a good idea, but they don’t work as well as they use to. We got a lot of cash, but we also have a collage fund for our daughter so we just put it in there for her. We never spent the money.

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