What to give teenage boys as a “congratulations gift” after a performance?

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Question by BaBy LePrEcHaUn: What to give teenage boys as a "congratulations gift" after a performance?
My mom is a teacher and is having a "performance" tomorrow. she is getting the girls carnations...but what to give the boys? Can someone give me an idea of a cheap but really cool gift to get a bunch of guys? Thanks!

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Answer by Roxie

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6 Responses to What to give teenage boys as a “congratulations gift” after a performance?

  1. Lyn says:

    A nice book mark. Granted the boys ( depending on their ages now) may not appreciate but down the road they will pick it up and recall the day.

  2. Eviechatter says:

    Money , all teenagers want money.

  3. !??? ???? ????? ????? ????? says:

    what kind of performance is it?

  4. josephmaja says:

    a book that will teach them how to live a successful life

  5. TNCreature says:


  6. J Doe says:

    A paper certificate of achievement. Approx .35 cents ea.

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