Wii Sports cheats and easter eggs

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This is a video showing all the Wii Sports cheats/easter eggs, Now I have had alot of comments saying the bowling one dosnt work, tip, you can watch out for how many times I moved my mii and do that to yours. Thanks for all the comments and views!

A game of Wii baseball. (Recorded and played by me)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 Responses to Wii Sports cheats and easter eggs

  1. 1234zizawordpress says:

    Hilter sucks

  2. BlueGangsta2 says:

    dont swing at splitters there always balls.

  3. LunaiMayaaa777 says:


  4. saskiachic says:

    ok only if you chat normanly!

  5. BMarine3000 says:

    Wait a sec! the ball bounced on the ground, but it counts as an out on 3:04.

  6. secretstuffish says:

    at 00:28 it looks like abby

  7. 60Yarr says:

    @secretstuffish almost

  8. perrottafamily1 says:

    Little known fact: Hitler was actually a baseball hero in Germany.

  9. perrottafamily1 says:

    LOL! I made a Brock mii too!

  10. baseballweekly says:


  11. skyyfalon says:

    damn u suckkk. my baby sister is better than u

  12. MsWriter4him says:

    Funny MIIs

  13. yoyoyowazupperson says:

    I have an OBSESSION over this game. No joke.

  14. emanresu981 says:



    I have no life…

  15. ClaireLKB says:

    Wow you’re great at fielding. Once I got 7 but I only drew coz I dunno how to catch it…

  16. nonchalantvictiMj says:


  17. carzai1000 says:

    The people have no legs to run on…. how are they running?

  18. VauxhallVx says:

    Bought Wii today =) just need to settle an wireless on it

  19. spaziscrazy1 says:

    My skill level is 2109, beat that bitches

  20. r2437 says:

    Your Aunt has some power =3

  21. r2437 says:

    Oh and A.Hitler.

  22. themusicgamer14 says:

    ‘Sup dawg xD

  23. MrSlimer44 says:

    when I saw the first one, I said “crap” i showe dmy friend and he said “HOLY SHIT THATS SO INCERDIBLE!!!!!

  24. DEMONICUNDEAD1993 says:

    @jakegwilliam mate how did you manage so many views? Lol

  25. burningwizzard1 says:


  26. krazzyking100 says:

    This guy is a mega fail at wii sports

  27. Brandonlym says:

    @8000Rock How is it not?

  28. 8000Rock says:

    @Brandonlym Can I c easter egs??

  29. xLittleSweetie says:

    I can finaly beat my big bro xD

  30. MyNameIsHanselable says:

    why would you cheat on a game like wii sports?

  31. TheQARK says:

    What a gay stupid game.

  32. VerityHeroes says:

    on the second one you don’t have to hold 2

  33. WorldWideEcho1 says:

    What about boxing?

  34. LeviathanRX says:

    >implying I need to cheat to knock down 91 pins

  35. xXDomeG97Xx says:

    @MyNameIsHanselable for fun

  36. TheProffesionality says:

    Man u rock!

  37. chrislenaz says:

    If you do that last cheat, does it permanently change the color?

  38. ACM1PT512 says:

    and what about easter eggs?

  39. DanTapperful says:

    how did you recorded this? :O

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