Xmas presents for boys.?

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Question by Clare: Xmas presents for boys.?
Heyy, as xmas is coming up, i'm having real difficulty finding a present for my brother who's 16. He's into like Biking and stuff, and spends a lot of time playing games on the computer. Any ideas for what i could get him?

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Answer by sexy_miimii19
no idea let me noe when u get an answer

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  1. Rachel says:

    Get him a cool helmet if he goes mountain biking.

    Or get him Sims. Everyone loves Sims :).

    Classic games are also good (ex.: Doom).

  2. The Nomad says:

    Video games

    *Call of Duty 4

  3. Delilah says:

    buy him halo 3 if he doesnt already have it. if he does, then buy him like a bunch of other games.


  4. dawsey.kitchen says:


  5. Mushroom says:

    Buy him “Bioshock”.

    Edit:Don’t buy him Halo……Just don’t.

  6. tiffyjo_06 says:

    action figures or video games

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